Utah RT25 Competition and Camp

ReceiverTech's RT25 WR Competition is scheduled for Saturday, June 9, at Timpanogos High School. The people at ReceiverTech want to make sure they are reaching all of the top wide receivers from large, medium and small high school programs.

ReceiverTech is calling on Utah-area high school coaches to nominate those athletes they feel can compete in ReceiverTech's RT25 competition.

The RT25 camp and competition by ReceiverTech will give the region's top WR prospects an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete with their peers through a series of speed and agility, pass catching and route running events.

The camp's finale will be a 1-on1 showcase pitting the WRs and their QB against the top DBs.

The Utah region camp is scheduled for June 9 from 2:00 - 6:30pm at Timpanogos High School in Orem. The RT25 cost is $25.00 per WR (QBs and DBs are free).

Visit www.receivertech.com to learn more about the RT25 camp as well as the Collie camps scheduled for June and July.

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