Arizona lineman to attend Junior Day

There will quite a few top-quality prospects attending BYU's Junior Day on June 13. Prospects from various states have been invited to attend, and will be tested and further evaluated by the Cougar staff. One prospect in attendance will be an up-and-coming offensive lineman out of the state of Arizona.

Big 6-foot-7-inch, 250-pound sophomore Chanden Herring has been receiving some letters of interest from BYU. Cougar coaches have been down to St. Johns High School in Arizona to advance the recruiting evaluation of the talented sophomore lineman.

"I play offensive tackle on both sides," Herring said. "I also play defensive tackle, defensive end or nose. I've received some recruiting interest from BYU. They've come by my school a few times and I've received a few recruiting letters from them through my coach. I haven't really started putting myself out there as far as recruiting goes, but I will here soon."

Herring will be promoting his abilities this summer by attending various camps.

"I plan on going to ASU and Arizona's summer camps this year," he said. "I also plan on going to Nike camps and the UNM camp as well."

Herring has also been invited to BYU's Junior Day on June 13.

"There should be a lot of good competition there, so I'll just be attending BYU for that one day and then I'll be down at ASU and a few other colleges that aren't too far away that I can go to," he said.

Herring has been to BYU's campus a few times in the past.

"The coaches at BYU are really easy to work with and I have worked with them at the summer camp in previous years," Herring said. "They expect a lot from you and enforce a great work ethic, high standards and high goals. They're very positive and I really like the system there."

The other camp that Herring went to last year was New Mexico's.

"I went to the camp last year and the coaches really like me because I was just a freshman," he said. "They worked with me and talked with me and I really like the coaches over there too. Like I've said, I've just barely started doing the whole camp thing and BYU and UNM are really the only two colleges I've been to so far. I'll be going to other places this year like ASU and U of A."

Herring likes BYU for reasons beyond football.

"It's nice that BYU is looking at me because of the environment," said Herring. "I'm LDS and want to serve a mission, so it's good to know that if I have the opportunity to go, there they'll hold a scholarship for me. I'm trying to find a college that will hold a scholarship for me when I go on my mission. I've been up there before and met all the coaches and they're great. I've seen the campus and the facilities and BYU has a really nice campus and great facilities."

The last time Herring spoke with Total Blue Sports, he was down to 220 pounds and preparing for the wrestling season. Now the junior-to-be is up to 250 pounds and has some goals he's working.

"I'm focusing more on football and doing well in the weight room," he said. "My bench goal for bench in 315 pounds, squat 450 and my goal for the forty is 4.8 at around 260 or 270. My current bench is 305 and squat is 385. I want to reach those goals by the end of the summer."

During his sophomore year, Herring lost 20 pounds so he could wrestle at a lower weight class.

"I should have finished around second or third in the state," said Herring. "I was beating the guys that placed third and fourth in points but ended up messing up in the end to lose those matches by one point. I ended up finishing sixth in the state and was sort of disappointed with how it all turned out. Right now I'm just focusing on football and preparing myself for that this summer."

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