Still feeling the Cougar love

Still unsure on where he should attend college, Cottonwood High School prospect Siale Fakailoatonga is approaching the recruiting situation slow and cautiously despite feeling the love from BYU tight end coach Lance Reynolds. Fakailoatonga might be heading to BYU's Junior Day with a teammate that BYU fans know very well.

BYU is actively recruiting 6-foot-4-inch, 215-pound Cottonwood High School tight end/wide receiver Siale Fakailoatonga. Cougar tight end coach Lance Reynolds is actively recruiting the LDS prospect, who is rated the No. 30 tight end prospect nationally by Scout.

"BYU is telling me just the usual things, like it would be a great school for me to go to," Fakailoatonga said. "I know BYU is a great school and they came down to my school to watch practice. I couldn't practice, obviously, because of my knee. I called Coach Reynolds and talked to him and told me he couldn't wait for me to come down there for Junior Day to talk to him and stuff."

Fakailoatonga has tentative plans on heading to BYU's Junior Day with fellow wide receiver teammate Inoke Lotulelei.

"I know Inoke is going to remind me about it," said Fakailoatonga with a laugh. "He committed to UCLA, I think, last week but he wants to go down for the Junior Day. I probably will be going with him, but I'm not sure because I have an appointment with my knee because I had surgery on it three months ago. I'll have to see."

Currently, Fakailoatonga has offers from BYU, UCLA and Utah. He committed to Utah, but said he felt pressured to do so, so now he's backed away from that and has opened up his options.

"I've been definitely doing a lot of praying about things," said Fakailoatonga. "I guess I just need to be more patient with an answer to know. I think I just need to be patient while trying to find the answer.

"BYU is still showing me the love and they're in my head a lot, but I'm just not sure where I'm going to go. It's kind of hard because I don't want to disappoint anybody or let anyone down. I'm just so indecisive right now and can't make up my mind about anything right now. I am taking it seriously, but just be cautious right now because I don't want to let anyone down."

While Fakailoatonga is taking BYU serious, he's very sensitive to the feelings of all the coaches recruiting him and is taking a cautious approach. In case he doesn't end up attending BYU, he doesn't want to let anyone down. So, he's taking a rather guarded approach to the process.

"I just need some time," said Fakailoatonga. "I'm just trying to love them up to let them know how much I appreciate them. It's just I can't make up my mind on anything right now, and so I just need some time. I'm sure things will become more clearer for me as time wears on."

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