The Texas Tongan twins

The Lone Star State is seeing double with the recent arrival of two soon-to-be junior Tongan twin football players from Trinity High School. The duo will be attending BYU's summer camp this year and, like last year, they plan on making some noise.

Sophomores Moe Ngungutau and Eddie Ngungutau played in the trenches for San Leandro High School in California during the 2011 season. Recently the family moved from California to Texas, and the two will now be playing for Trinity High School.

"My position is center, but during the spring they tried me out at guard and tackle," said Moe. "I come in at 6'2", 286 and squat around 315 pounds and ended up playing center. I'm really good at listening to the coaches and they tell me that I play smart on the field. They like the fact that I can be moved around to play different positions on the field, but want me to play one position now so I can learn it faster."

"I'm pretty much the same as my brother," said Eddie. "I'm 6'2" and around 288 pounds, but I play d-tackle and defensive nose guard. I've got really quick feet and move really well and have played some quick guard. My coach told me that I'll be playing on the defensive line this year and my brother will be playing center on offense."

Since the two attended BYU's summer camp last year, the BYU coaches have had their eyes on the Ngungutau twins.

"I had a coach back at my old school in San Leandro and he's LDS too," said Moe. "He sent us an email saying the BYU coaches were over there. BYU came to my old school and told my old coach that they were interested in us at the BYU camp last year and wanted to find out more about us. They said they were interested in us and wanted to talk to us more."

Since moving out to play at Trinity High School, Eddie will now be coached by Mo Vakalahi.

"Yeah, Mo Vakalahi is my new coach and my first cousin," said Eddie. "He is the older of Fono Vakalahi, who plays for BYU. We grew up with them when we used to live out there in Texas before we moved to California. He used to babysit me and my brother when we were kids when our mom used to go to the Temple and things like that."

Still in their sophomore year until next season, Moe and Eddie went out to BYU's summer camp last year as freshmen players. They're both now beginning to step into the recruiting process.

"We're just receiving letters from BYU right now," said Moe. "That's basically it right now, but hopefully after camp and next year we'll be hearing more from them."

"BYU came out here last April to watch our spring camp and check out all the Mamonga [Mormon] boys out here," said Eddie.

The twins, who will also be attending Texas A&M's camp this summer, are excited to visit BYU.

"We're going to come out to BYU on the 17th to their padded camp," said Moe. "We went out there last year and it was a great experience being out there in Utah. It was our first time being out there on BYU's campus. It was a good environment and I liked meeting new people out there. It was a lot of fun."

"We're excited to head up there this year," said Eddie. "We had a good experience up there last year so we want to head up there again and try and make some noise. We want to go up there and at Texas A&M and get our names out a little more."

During the BYU camp last year, Eddie faced national offensive lineman recruit Brayden Kearsley.

"I remember him at BYU's camp and he went up against my brother in the one-on-one drills," said Moe. "They split the line into two groups and he and my twin went head up and I guess my brother pulled it out with a win."

"Oh yeah, I remember him," said Eddie. "He's a big boy and really good. "The line coaches over there at BYU split us up and we were on different teams. We were doing rounds of one-on-ones with the best of the best. It was me and him in the championship battle to see who could be the best lineman."

In a previous interview with Brayden Keasley, he told Total Blue Sports, "BYU should recruit those two twins out of California. They're really good for how young they were and I was impressed with them."

So how exactly did Eddie do against the nation's eighth ranked offensive lineman recruit?

"It was three rounds," recalled Eddie. "The first round, he kind of got me in the first round, but I ended up on top of him. The next two rounds we just went head to head. I think I got the better of him those last two and just finished him off. He's pretty big, man! I just tried to use my quickness and my fast get-off-the-ball to try and get that advantage."

Now that another year has passed, the two Tongans can't wait to get back out to BYU in a couple of weeks.

"I remember going out to Utah with my coach on what was a long drive," said Eddie. "He was one of our Mormon coaches out there in California and he had some DVD videos of BYU. We watched them, and the one about being a flag bearer and always representing your family and faith on and off the field was good. That's why I'm interested in BYU."

Moe's interest in BYU, not surprisingly, is similar.

"The reason I want to go to BYU is because it's my church school," Moe said. "The environment over there fits us because of who we are as people. I know that there aren't many college campuses with good influences around the country, but BYU is one that does promote those things that we believe in."

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