Colorito hoping for more offers

Oregon linebacker Evan Colorito just received an offer from Colorado State, his first scholarship offer. The 6-foot-4-inch, 230-pound linebacker will be heading down to BYU next week to see the campus and take part in Junior Day activities. He also hopes to meet up with a few Cougar friends.

Last week, outside linebacker Evan Colorito received his first scholarship offer, which came from the Colorado State Rams.

"Coach Lupfer came and he was just talking to me about how they wanted to offer me but that they had to go over some things first," Colorito said, referring to CSU's defensive line coach. "Later I called him and he said he wanted to talk to me about some stuff. He said, ‘We want to offer you right now.'"

The offer was an unexpected surprise for Colorito. Now, with one scholarship offer in hand, the Beaverton product will be heading to BYU for Junior Day.

"I'm going to fly on out on Tuesday night and it's just a one-day thing," said Colorito. "It's on Wednesday and I haven't called Coach Poppinga yet because I've been so busy doing some things, but I need to call him and clarify things."

He'll be flying out with his father Tony, who was an all-American for USC.

"I'll probably just get a hotel by the campus or something like that," Colorito said. "I'm going up with my dad and that's probably what we'll do. We're going to check things out while we're down there and have some fun down there at BYU."

While there, Colorito plans on meeting up with some acquaintances.

"I am planning to see a few of the players when I'm there," said Colorito. "I'm family friends with the Mathews brothers ever since I was really young. They grew up in Beaverton but went to Southridge High School, and my cousins are the same age as them and were best friends with them. So, we kind of grew up hanging out and stuff.

"I haven't talked to Marcus about BYU, but I have talked to Mitch multiple times about what it's like down there and stuff. He's really thrilled that they're recruiting me."

Unaware that Coach Poppinga was recruiting a childhood friend of his, Mitch Mathews was called into Coach Poppinga's office.

"I guess Coach Poppinga and Mitch have a really good relationship," said Colorito. "They're sitting in his office and Coach Poppinga starts talking about recruiting and says, ‘Mitch, I just went to Beaverton. Do you know Evan Colorito?' I guess Mitch just kind of freaked out because he knows who I am. He was really excited to know that BYU was recruiting me."

Although time will be limited, Colorito hopes to spend some time with the Mathews brothers after a long day of activities and workouts at BYU.

"I don't know if I'm going to actually be able to just head out and stuff," said Colorito. "I'm only going to be there for one day but it will be for a full day, so I know that I'll be able to at least see them and be able to talk to them."

Next week can't come fast enough for Colorito.

"I'm just really excited because Coach Poppinga has been recruiting me and he was the first one to ever recruit me," Colorito said. "He's been all over me from day one, so we have a really good relationship. I'm just kind of excited to get down to BYU to see what it's all about and see Coach Poppinga.

"I'm excited to see what it's all about because I've heard a lot of things. I want to see what the environment is like and be able to see how the coaches run things and see the players. I just want to be around the environment to get that gut feeling."

There's also one more big thing he's hoping for during his trip.

"I'm just hoping that I do well enough to get an offer from BYU," Colorito said. "I have one from Colorado State and now I'm hoping that I'm able to show that I'm worthy of another. I just think that would be great."

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