Defensive lineman looking at Beehive State

The summer will be busy for one particular Oak Park High School defensive lineman who has plans on visiting a few colleges that have yet to offer him a scholarship. One of the states on his tour list is Utah.

Coming in at about 6 feet 4 inches, 285 pounds, Luca Bruno's on-field performance last year was one of the best in California among defensive linemen.

"I had 133 tackles and I was number one d-tackle and number two d-end in tackles in the state of California," said Bruno. "I had about five sacks and two forced fumbles. This year I only played one side because I was averaging the most tackles for our team, so our coaches just kept me on defense. In past years and this up-and-coming year I'll play offense too just to be more versatile for my team."

Bruno has been receiving interest from programs from various conferences. He is looking to visit some of the schools recruiting him.

"It's complicated right now because it's hard to fly out to all the places," Bruno said. "I'll probably take unofficial visits to BYU and Utah later on. Right now, because Colorado and Colorado State are looking at me as well as BYU and Utah, I probably will make a round trip to either one of those states and hit up those schools."

If he had to choose between touring one of those two states, the Beehive State might win.

"I'm kind of leaning towards BYU and Utah, just because BYU and Utah have been showing a lot of interest, especially Utah. So, I want to see what those two schools have in store."

When he visits some schools, Bruno will be accompanied by his father, who at one time played at UCLA.

"Yeah, me and my dad, who has helped me through this whole recruiting process and is taking it all in for a second time, are just kind of planning it all out with what we're going to do this summer," said Bruno. "My dad is always with me and I want to do a tour around and want to see Cincinnati and Portland again and visit some other schools like U of A again, because they're high on my list. I will then probably try and make it out to Utah or Colorado."

Currently, Bruno has nine scholarship offers: Arizona, Cincinnati, Colorado State, Fresno State, Hawaii, New Mexico State, Oregon State, SDSU and Wyoming. Meanwhile, BYU, USC, TCU, Arizona State, Boise State, Cal, Nevada, New Mexico, UCLA and Utah and also recruiting him.

"Right now USC has been showing me interest and TCU has been recruiting me heavily, as well as Utah and BYU," Bruno said. "Some of the schools that have already given me a scholarship like U of A, Oregon State, I hear from them every day, and so they're the highest recruiters."

The Oak Park High School defensive lineman isn't in a rush to choose his future school yet.

"I'm keeping an open mind for everyone," said Bruno. "I'm entering my senior season, so I'm not making any decisions soon. BYU, I've still been showing a lot of interest towards and it's a school that can bring a lot to the table. I just like their whole football team.

"I've been having fun with this whole process and it's stressful for some people. I'm just taking it all in and one day at a time. I was thinking of trying to narrow it down because there's a lot of colleges coming in now.

"I was taking it all in and just having fun with it, but I know I have to get real with it and choose one of these colleges. I've been narrowing down a couple, and so I have my tops. I've been looking at the best players in football and best coaches for training and my top choices kind of have those things."

The BYU assistant coach that is recruiting Bruno is Steve Kaufusi.

"You know, he's very real with me and tells me how BYU works and all that stuff," said Bruno. "They have their guidelines and stuff and he's very real with it and I don't have any problems with their guidelines. I'm just a football-and-life kind of guy and that's just how it goes.

"I just want to play football and I'm not going to do all that drinking and drugs and all that. I just want to get to the next level, so I have no problems with all the guidelines. If I play football there then football and college will be what I focus on and I think BYU would be fine for that."

Bruno has a favorable opinion of Kaufusi.

"I was very impressed with him, and he told me some coaching techniques and how they play football at BYU," Bruno said. "He told me how hardcore they are and I was impressed with what he had to say."

Although Bruno will have many options to choose from, he can only choose one college. With that being the case, what is he looking to get out of that one choice?

"I want to be on a great football team so it can progress to the next level, so I want to be on a great football team," he said. "The two things I look at the most with the football programs are just how hard do these teams play and their whole training aspect. I'm looking at the offseason training aspect and how they get ready for the next year.

"I want to get the most out of my scholarship, and so I want to get a good education in case football doesn't work out for me.

"I also want to have a fun college life, and that's pretty much my three. The good college to me is just a good social aspect with everyone, but not crazy. I just want to avoid the crazy and focus on football."

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