Handley's whirlwind tour

Alta High School was represented well with tight end Harrison Handley being one of the top performers at the Receiver Tech 25 Camp last Saturday. Handley played more like a receiver than a tight end prospect. Now, the 6-foot-5-inch, 200-pound prospect will be making a few campus visits over the next two weeks.

With a very good performance at the RT25 Camp, Harrison Handley showed why the BYU and Utah State coaching staffs have pulled the trigger and offered him a scholarship.

Harrison Handley and Cody Hoffman

"I thought I did pretty good catching some balls out there," Handley said. "We had the week off from football so I'm glad I got the chance to go out there and catch some footballs and work on some wide receiver stuff."

Now he'll be taking his skills to various camps and Junior Day activities.

"Wednesday I'll be at BYU for their Junior Day," said Handley. "Then I'll up at Boise State on Thursday. Friday I'll be back down in Utah and at Utah State. Then the next Monday after that I'll be down at Utah, and then on the 21st to the 23rd I'll be at Stanford. They're all camps except for Stanford. I'll be going to Stanford's Junior Day too and camp."

This will be Handley's first time visiting some of these schools.

"I haven't gone out of state yet, so that's why I'm excited to go to Boise State," he said. "They might give me a couple of tours just to see what it's like. I'm also excited to get down to Stanford and I heard it was really pretty down there. It should be fun."

With two offers currently on the table, Handley suspects that other colleges could join the fray soon.

"I think Boise State is getting close and Utah is getting closer to offering me," Handley said. "I also think Stanford is getting close to offering me too, so they're all just getting closer to offering me."

Though he's been to BYU many times on his own, Handley is looking forward to the Cougar Junior Day.

"Well, I just want to reconnect and relate with the coaches again," he said. "I just want to make it back down there. I love it down there already, so I just want to go back down there and make sure it's the right place for me."

In regards to his the recruiting situation with BYU, Handley said nothing has changed much.

"I keep getting messages from them and I keep going on down there. It's a good time."

Handley said he will wait a while until he chooses a school to attend.

"I just want to keep my options open right now, and so that's why I want to wait," Handley said. "I don't know, I just want to take my time and see what other schools might be out there. I've been down to BYU and the other schools instate quite a few times, so I'm just keeping my options open right now."

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