Morris to take rain check

Rhode Island running back and player of the year Josh Morris was expected to fly out to the state of Utah and attend Wednesday's Junior Day. However, there has been a change of plans.

La Salle Academy speedy running back Josh Morris, who clocked a 10.9 in the 100 meters, was supposed to make his first ever visit to BYU on Wednesday to attend Junior Day.

However, a communication problem has led to a change of plans.

"I wanted to talk to [Coach Poppinga] before I came down and I just kept missing him," Morris said. "Rhode Island is kind of far away from Utah, and so I wanted to correlate things with him before I made the trip.

"I was planning on coming down for tomorrow but I wanted to make sure it was worth me coming down, but I just wasn't able to get in touch with anyone, so I wasn't sure what was going on. I just wanted to make sure what was going on before I spent all the money to come down, but I was just never able to get in touch."

It wasn't for a lack of trying, however.

"I would call him and miss him and then he would send me a message on Facebook and I would call him and miss him again. I think the time difference between Rhode Island and Utah makes it tough sometimes."

The main source behind Morris' reservations is a visit that never occurred.

"They said they would have a coach come down to my school and they never did," Morris said. "I just wasn't sure what was going on and wanted to talk to them before I spent all that money to come down. I just never was able to get in touch with them to find out what was going on."

Those darn pesky NCAA rules often makes it difficult to communicate since coaches aren't allowed to return calls during periods other than designated recruiting times. Despite the repeated misses, Morris still plans on flying out to Utah to visit BYU's campus.

"I still want to come out this month for an unofficial visit," said Morris. "I just want to reach a coach first before I make the trip, so once I can reach him I can plan on that. I'll try calling again to see if I can reach him. I wish I was coming down tomorrow but just haven't reached anyone for a while, so I'll make sure that happens first before I go down. Once I reach him I'll know more on when I'll make the trip this month."

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