All-Poly Camp kicks off 13th year

The All-Poly Camp kicks off this week with two camps in the state of Utah. One will be an underclassman camp, followed by an upperclassman camp. During these camps, participants will be coached by many Division I coaches. Following this week, the camp will move its way to Hawaii and then to Euless, Texas.

The first part of this week's All-Poly Camp is being devoted to the younger generation. Coach Alema Te'o and the slew of coaches coming in from many different colleges will focus their efforts in helping to develop the younger players.

"We're really excited this is going on our 13th year and we're trying to expand somewhat by getting into the younger generation," said Te'o. "This is something we've thought about for some time now, and so this year we'll have the first part of the week be devoted to the younger generation."

The All-Poly Camp will focus on educating athletes on high school and college GPA expectations, followed by on-field football development.

"We'll follow the same format for the younger generation that we use for our varsity guys," Coach Te'o said. "We'll focus on these things till Wednesday and then we'll have a Nike combine with all of our players."

The reason Coach Te'o implemented a program for up-and-coming players is to help them get an even greater head start on the academic standards of the NCAA Clearinghouse, in addition to and football development.

"You know, we have a lot of kids that come to our camp that have a lot of younger brothers and younger siblings," Te'o said. "We have a lot of parents who would like to see their kids kind of grow up in our program. Over the years we've gotten a lot of parents say, ‘You know, when are you going to do this for the younger kids? It would be great opportunity that way to have two camps instead of having the younger kids just sitting around.'

"This way they can all participate, so we thought this year it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of the week that we have. Our coaches are going to be here anyways, so why not allow them to coach the younger kids? This will be our first year, so let's see what happens."

Much like in previous years, coaches from various schools will be on hand.

"Here in Utah, we'll have a lot of Pac-12 coaches down here," Coach Te'o said. "I think every Pac-12 school will be represented with the exception of USC and Oregon, because their camps fall on the same week as us. We've got [Steve] Sarkisian coming out from Washington and he'll bring a couple of guys. We've got Coach Anderson from Stanford [who] will be down. We've got Coach Marques Tuiasasopo from UCLA coming down. We've got Joe Seumalo from Oregon State. Obviously we've got Utah right in our backyard, and so they're bringing a bunch of guys to our camp.

"We've got a lot of Mountain West coaches and WAC coaches that will be involved as well. We've got Boise State coaches coming down, and just a lot of coaches in the western United States will be represented."

BYU will also be well represented at the camp.

"Coach Steve Kaufusi contacted me and let me know that six of their coaches will be volunteering to come down and help out," said Te'o. "He'll be there, Coach Poppinga, Coach Weber, Coach Doman and a bunch of other great coaches from that staff will be on hand to help contribute and give back to the community."

Kaufusi, a Tongan, has been contributing to the All-Poly Camp for a long time now.

"You know, Steve Kaufusi has been a great contributor to our camp since day one," said Coach Te'o. "He's made it clear to his guys at BYU, letting them know that this is a great opportunity for us to give back to the community. It really helps us a lot when you have a guy like Coach Kaufusi at BYU telling the other coaches the value of being there.

"The opportunity to give back to the Polynesian community and help young men grow on the field as well as be great mentors is a great aspect they bring to our camp. You know, our coaches want to be great mentors to the community out here. Many of these guys love being those types of role models, and here at the All-Poly Camp they can be that type of influence and example."

Follow the underclassman camp on Tuesday and Wednesday, the All-Poly Camp will move to the upperclassmen on Thursday through Saturday. Following Saturday, the camp will then move out to Hawaii to develop potential prospects out on the islands.

However, once the Hawaii camp is finished, Coach Te'o won't be.

"Two weeks after our Hawaii camp, we're going to go down to Texas and expand out to Euless and give a shout out there to see how it works out," Coach Te'o said. "You know what, for years we've always had kids come out from Euless, Texas and Trinity High School. We've had some kids come out there like Ross Apo, who is at BYU.

"I had an opportunity to speak and meet with [Trinity High School's] Coach Lineweaver at a convention. We talked about a few things that we might be able to help him out in the community down there. I talked to my guys and said, ‘Hey, this is a great opportunity for us to branch out and support the Polynesian community over there in Texas.' We all agreed and thought, ‘Hey, this is a great opportunity, so let's take it and go and help out.' This will be our first year we go, so we're going to take our same format and go and see what happens."

While the All-Poly Camp will use the same format in Texas, there will be a bit of a twist.

"It's going to be a non-padded camp," said Coach Te'o. "It's going to be a skills and drills and technique development type of a camp. We'll also insert come competition as well. We plan on putting them more into game situations such as third-and-long, goal line offense, goal line defense. We're going to give them different scenarios to allow them to work on those addressed situations in a game setting."

There's a very good reason why the camp will be going without pads.

"The Utah varsity camp, as well as the underclassman camp or junior high camp, will be padded up," Coach Te'o said. "Because of a rule in Texas, they're not allowed to pad up. The high schools aren't allowed to give out their equipment during the summer time."

The All-Poly Camp in Texas will also feature many top coaches from various colleges, including BYU.

"We've got some great coaches coming down to help us in Texas," said Coach Te'o. "We've got coaches from BYU that will be down there as well as Utah, Weber State and Utah State. We'll have coaches from Houston, UTEP, SMU, and so we'll have a handful of college coaches that will be down there to help us maintain the level of coaching that we've always had at the All-Poly Camp."

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