Idaho lineman commits to BYU

Following Wednesday's Junior Day activities, BYU offered an Idaho lineman a full-ride scholarship during a meeting with Coach Mendenhall, and he committed to be a Cougar. The Cougar coaching staff isn't quite sure which side of the ball the big 6-foot-6-inch, 300-pound recruit will play, but one thing is certain: he is very excited to be a Cougar.

Jonryheem Peoples of Idaho came down to BYU on Wednesday and enjoyed Junior Day.

"It was a great program and it was set up so great," said an excited Peoples. "The coaches are great, and all-around the campus is great and the facilities are great. It's just a phenomenal program. I had a great time out there with everything that was going on."

Peoples first started out practicing with the defense before switching over to the offensive side of the ball.

"BYU has a great program and I originally went out there and started playing as a defensive tackle," said Peoples. "I did pretty good and tore it up on defense. Then I went over and played on offense and did really well there too. I got to talk to Coach Mendenhall at the end of the day and he offered me a full-ride scholarship. It was so exciting and just a great experience. It was just an amazing experience and I don't even know how to put it in words. I was just thinking about it and was just shocked and it's just so amazing to me. I'm so excited."

After all the drills, Peoples was called back to speak with Coach Bronco Mendenhall.

"I was did pretty good today and went through all the drills and did as best I could," Peoples said. "I talked to Coach Mendenhall and he's just a great coach. He's very straightforward and tells it like it is and I really love that. We sat down and he asked me some questions and went over what he expects as a coach.

"He gave me a paper and had me read it out loud, and it said he was offering me a full-ride scholarship. I read it and did kind of a double take, like, ‘Oh wow, a full-ride scholarship.' He then looked at me and said, ‘What did you get from that?' I was like, ‘So you guys are offering me a full-ride scholarship?' He was like, ‘Yeah man, we're offering you a scholarship.' I was just so overwhelmed."

Peoples talked about how he felt after receiving his offer.

"My jaw is dropped, my knees are weak and my stomach is dropped," Peoples said with a laugh. "It's just crazy and I feel unbelievable."

At this point in time, Peoples isn't sure what position he'll play at BYU. The coaches will have to sort that out.

"They don't know what position I'm going to play," Peoples said. "The offensive line coach and defensive line coach were going back and forth about me. They both want me to play for them and were going back and forth about where they wanted me to play and who they wanted me to play for. It was really exciting."

If he had the choice of which position he would like to play, what position would he chose?

"I don't know," he said. "I guess whatever is best for the team. If the coaches want me to play defensive line, I'll play defensive line. If they want me to play on the offensive line, I'll play there. I just love football so much so I think I can thrive wherever they need me the most."

Peoples met with other future Cougar commits.

"I met two of the other offensive line commits that are down here right now," Peoples said. "I got to talk to them and we really clicked and I can tell it's going to be a really good, friendly environment. I spoke with Brayden [Kearsley], the commit from Oregon, and we're really tight. We're friends now and he's way cool.

"I'm excited and if I play offensive line, some quarterback is going to have a really good offensive line in front of him! I'm telling you, me and [Kearsley] and the other offensive lineman [Keegan Hicks] who is a guard on the same line, he's really good and I got a chance to go up against him a couple of times. Keegan Hicks is good and he uses his hands really well. It's hard to get him off. That's one heck of an offensive line for some future quarterback in a passing offense!"

The quarterback that Peoples could be blocking for is fellow Idahoan Taysom Hill.

"Yup, that's right," Peoples said. "We've got some guys coming!"

Needless to say, the overall camp experience was a great one for Peoples.

"My experience at BYU exceeded my expectations so much," said an excited Peoples. "I wasn't expecting it to be all that great of an experience when I came up. I had been on a couple of campus tours and campuses and the people weren't as good as they were up here. When I came up here I was kind of expecting to have a similar experience, but I didn't. I was just blown away by my experience up here."

As for what was his favorite part of the day, he said, "Aside from receiving a scholarship offer, the feeling I got while being here was the highlight of my experience. I just got a great feeling being here. It was just this feeling like I belonged here. I never once had a bad feeling, but instead got this feeling like, ‘I can be here.' Like, ‘This is me right here.' It was just a great experience being here at BYU and it's just crazy meeting great people. I don't know what else to say other than I really love being here. It's just wonderful. I feel so blessed. It's a great opportunity for me. All I can do is count my blessings and thank Him for what he's given me. I'm truly blessed and it was an unbelievable experience."

Peoples found what he was looking for at BYU.

"The one thing that I was looking for was a place where I could feel at home for the next four to five years, a place where I feel like I fit in. I found that at BYU and there wasn't a time when I didn't feel uncomfortable. It was just amazing and I really loved my experience."

After receiving his offer on Wednesday, Peoples initially said that he was going to talk it over with his parents and make a decision by the end of the month.

Well, waiting until the end of the month didn't happen.

"I went into Coach Mendenhall's office after talking to my parents about it and decided to commit to BYU," Peoples said. "I'm so excited about my commitment to BYU. It just felt right so I'm a Cougar!"

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