OL prospect Terence Brown receives BYU offer

After spending all last week in Provo attending BYU's summer camp, top South Carolina offensive line recruit <b>Terence Brown</b> returned home to a pleasant surprise.

"It was in the mail the day I came home."

Brown was referring to the official scholarship offer he was hoping to receive from BYU. Brown now has three solid offers from Vanderbilt, Clemson and BYU. South Carolina and Nebraska are also expected to be strong contenders.

"I'm stoked about it. I was hoping they'd offer me while I was over there, but I understand that they couldn't officially, so it was a great thing to come home to."

Brown is a 6-3, 285-pounder from Summerville, South Carolina. He said he has definite LDS mission plans, noting that signing with a program that will respect his mission plans is one of his top priorities.

"I'm definitely planning on serving a mission. My birthday is in February, so I'll probably play a year and then leave. All the schools that have offered me know about my mission plans and are willing to accommodate them. Vanderbilt hasn't been real specific, but Clemson will hold a scholarship for my while I'm on my mission."

Brown has kept himself busy visiting various camps and he's not quite finished yet.

"I'm planning on attending Georgia's camp. That's the last major camp that I'll attend."

Prior to BYU's camp, Brown attended the Clemson and Nebraska summer camps.

"I was really happy with how I performed at the Clemson camp, but didn't do as well at Nebraska. Clemson offered me shortly after the camp ended," he said.

Talking about his Provo experience at BYU's camp, he said: "I really like BYU. I'm LDS, so it's good to be around other LDS guys. I love the coaches as well. They're really good guys."

Brown benched 17 reps of 225 pounds at the Cougar camp and was relatively pleased with his performance.

"I really wanted to rebound from my sub par outing at Nebraska. I had some nagging injuries there and couldn't show as well as I normally do."

Brown refused to name a favorite school or even a top 3-5 at this point.

"I just want to sit back until all my options are on the table. I don't want to lean any particular way until I have all my options available to me. I'm hoping to get more offers."

Brown denied rumors he was leaning toward Nebraska.

"I don't know where that came from. I mean, I like Nebraska as much as anyone right now, but they're certainly not my favorite. I don't have a favorite at this point."

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