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[jeddparkinson] OK, Scott Collie is here so let's get started. To begin with Scott, maybe you could offer a few summary comments about the first RT25 camp that was held last weekend. How did it go?
[ReceiverTech] I was pleased with how it went with it being our inaugural event. I learned some things as far as time mgt, but the overall day was competitive, fun and exciting.
[ReceiverTech] We even survived the hurricane.
[ReceiverTech] Responses from parents and players have all been positive and you can't ask for more than that.

[jeddparkinson] OK, the next is a 3 part question. Part 1: Of the Utah HS players you have observed at WR (not including Talon Shumway) if you only had 1 schollie for a Utah HS player which one would you give it to?
[ReceiverTech] On the spot, don't know that I could answer that. Shumway was not there. I understand he was nursing a minor injury.

[jeddparkinson] Which Utah WR that you saw has most upside?
[ReceiverTech] All were athletic great attitudes and all have potential. The year they have to improve their game before moving to the next level will benefit them all.
[ReceiverTech] I really liked Handley, Weichers, Munson, Reeves. There was a DB that opted to compete as a WR from West Jordan, Tristan Taei, that I really liked.
[ReceiverTech] We did discover an underclassman at our follow up camp from Spanish Fork High. Joey Anderson. All the coaches were impressed and he will be a sophomore.

[jeddparkinson] Which one is the most D-1 ready now?
[ReceiverTech] None are ready now. I think they all realized the separation as Dylan and Cody stepped in and performed in one of the events and it was night and day.
[ReceiverTech] I believe they are all the type of athletes that saw the display and said I have to step it up if I want to be considered.

[01inarow] Do you think BYU WR recruiting has changed the last three years? or just NON LDS athletes making an impact
[ReceiverTech] Change in recruiting. I don't think there is anything the coaches are doing different, but the fact is that BYU is a unique university. It has captured the interest of a lot of parents that want to explore because of the standards.
[ReceiverTech] Non-LDS as well as LDS.

[jeddparkinson] You mentioned non-LDS as well as LDS. As a guy who came to BYU as a non-LDS player, were the standards used as a selling point?
[ReceiverTech] They were explained to me, but that wasn't the reason I came here. :)
[ReceiverTech] In fact a Jesuit priest interviewed me as my ecclesiastical leader and I must admit we both giggled.

[boodie] Do you think Dylan can have the same impact as Austin?
[ReceiverTech] Too early. He has a lot of upside, but a lot work ahead of him.

[cougar] Have you seen Michael Davis film or live to have an opinion, other than he is fast.
[ReceiverTech] I was asked by Steve Holmoe to come down and work with him at the close of last season. As with a lot of these kids, they are athletic,but have not had the time to master the position. We had a kid at the camp that summed it up best: Geez, I thought being a receiver was running down field and catching the ball. Had no idea there was so much. :)

[01inarow] WRs seem bigger and faster every year.
[ReceiverTech] Bigger Faster doesn't always mean you are going to be an elite receiver.
[ReceiverTech] It is learning to use the frame and your speed to the advantage.
[CMuehle] cody hoffman seems to be picking that up.
[ReceiverTech] Exactly, Cody is understanding how to control all his tangibles.

[cougar] Do you talk with Cahoon about coaching topics and techniques?
[ReceiverTech] I enjoy speaking with Ben, as we both believe in establishing a sound fundamental base. And you are never too young or too far into your career to get it right.

[jeddparkinson] BYU has struggled with physical defensive secondaries in the past. Besides getting bigger WRs, what kind of strategies and/or drills can BYU use to overcome the holding/pushing/shoving etc?
[ReceiverTech] Why do you want to solve your issues of bump with bigger receivers? You can't bull rush the corner. You need to slip his aggression and get in your route. You must be talking about Defensive Ends.
[ReceiverTech] Regarding the bump, the best way to work at is, find our best corner and have him cheat as you try to work down the field. It is interesting how some WR's get a guy up in their face and it is as if they just invaded their space and everything shuts down. No replacement for work and experience.
[ReceiverTech] No discussion around my comment of bigger receivers and the bump? You guys are easy.
[ReceiverTech] If Dylan and Austin and Zac were 6'4 I would be saying big receivers are golden.

[cougar] Can the players set up machines and do some of your drills during summer. (jugs etc.)
[ReceiverTech] Players have access to all the machines and should be catching balls all day long. Ask Austin.

[jeddparkinson] What are Dylan and the offense doing to get ready for their season? What is a typical day like?
[ReceiverTech] Early morning lifting and cardio conditioning. Ball skills on their own and with others. They then have player run practices and it is competitive from what I understand.
[jeddparkinson] Are there any other incoming freshmen working out with the team this summer?
[ReceiverTech] I am not sure about other freshman.

[cougar] Non BYU, is Austin working with any Colt QB's?
[ReceiverTech] They just completed OTA and mini camp. So yes, and even Andrew Luck.
[cougar] Does he like Luck's delivery?
[ReceiverTech] he does.
[ReceiverTech] I read in the Indy paper that he was Luck's favorite target, so loves his delivery.

[jeddparkinson] In order, what skills are the most important when evaluating a WR?
[ReceiverTech] If he looks at you when you are talking with him, if he keeps his arms pumping into his breaks, if he is balanced in and out of route giving him the ability to maintain speed and then if he catches with his hands. Too many guys catch against the body. Catch the ball with your hands.
[ReceiverTech] I have 3 sons that are world class sprinters, but they create separation on the field because of the work they have put into route running and they can catch. They looked at me when I talked with them and if not ...
[ReceiverTech] Did I just say they were world class sprinters? I thought so.
[CMuehle] lol
[CMuehle] they are still pretty fast though

[cougar] Has Dylan worked with Munns and Hill? Does he have a preference?
[ReceiverTech] Receivers love the guy throwing to him at the time.
[cougar] Ok. LOL. Who does he spend more time practicing with?
[ReceiverTech] He is always looking for someone to go throw with. If he can't find someone he is with a tennis ball thrower. I believe the Hill QB has been available quite a bit of the time.

[CMuehle] Over the last decade or so, who would you say is the most underrated BYU WR?
[ReceiverTech] Don't ask me that. Zac, and not because I am his dad. I questioned how he was utilized by Anae. Interesting, in the first 4 games of his senior year, go look at catches and ydg and TDs then he went to being a terrific blocker. And if I was defending BYU, then I would say 85 is in, they are running. I dare anyone to correct me on that.
[CMuehle] Honestly, I've been arguing Zac mysef, so your answer doesn't surprise me

[jeddparkinson] Do you have drills designed to maximize YAC? How do you emphasize getting YAC without losing concentration on actually catching the ball?
[ReceiverTech] First priority is catch. If you can't control the ball to tuck, then you may lead in Fumbles After Catch. It is about staying on your feet. Sometimes a guy may be fighting for YAC and he turns it over because he's trying to do too much. Sometimes you just gotta get down.
[ReceiverTech] A lot of that stuff is instinctive as well.

[jeddparkinson] In order, what is needed as a natural skill to play WR?
[ReceiverTech] Desire, mental toughness, foot speed, balance, hand eye coordination, instincts, vertical speed .

[ReceiverTech] Well as usual it has been fun.
[jeddparkinson] Thanks for coming in, Scott. Great stuff as always! Looking forward to the next one after your next RT25 camp!
[ReceiverTech] Ok my pleasure. Thanks to everyone on.

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