And then there were three

Following Utah's camp on Monday, Alta High School tight end Harrison Handley received his third scholarship offer. Now Handley will take his pass-catching skills on the road in the hopes of making it four scholarship offers earned.

The state of Utah has a very good tight end prospect in Alta High School's Harrison Handley. Coach Anderson of Utah State knew that when he offered Handley first, followed by Coach Mendenhall of BYU. Now Coach Whittingham has tossed his hat in the scholarship ring.

"I just went down to their super elite camp day today and it was a lot of fun," Handley said. "I was tearing it up, and after we had our little presentation from the coaches. Afterwards I got a chance to meet with Coach Whittingham and Coach Hill."

The participants were measured and tested prior to camp events. Apparently, Handley's combination of size and speed, coupled with his camp performance, were enough to receive his third offer.

"It was a lot of fun and when we went down there we did warm up and then we ran some agility stuff like forty time, shuttle and things like that," said Handley. "We then went and practiced with our individual coaches and then we went and did one-on-ones."

So what were Handley's camp numbers?

"My official forty time was a 4.67," Handley said. "My shuttle time was a 4.48 and I measured in at 6'5½". My weight was 207 pounds."

Although he didn't commit to Utah, Handley had a goal of going on down and competing for a scholarship offer.

"That was my goal and so I went down there and tore it up," he said. "That's when they decided to offer me."

Handley is holding off on committing to a school until he can evaluate his options some more.

"I'm going to continue doing what I've done and look through what I like best from each school," said Handley. "I'll then talk it over with my parents and family and see what I like best."

Handley said that after he received his BYU offer, the interest from the University of Utah became more abundant.

"[Utah] showed a little interest in me before BYU offered me," said Handley. "They were recruiting me a little before, but then right after BYU offered me they started recruiting me harder. After I got the offer from BYU they became more interested in me and started recruiting me harder."

The Alta tight end does plan on making a return visit to BYU following this week's activities.

"Yeah, I might go down for a day camp just like for a day for a team camp, but I'm not 100 percent sure yet," Handley said. "There is one team camp going on right now, and I think the other team camp is next week. So, I'll probably head down for a day next week."

Meanwhile, he is also looking to take another visit.

"My goal now is to go down to Stanford this week," Handley said. "I'm hoping to make it four [offers], but we'll see. I'm going down there on Wednesday and then the camp's Thursday and the Junior Day is this Friday."

There are three things Handley will look for prior to making a final decision.

"Academics first and then, of course, the coaching staff will be next," Handley said. "Then, how much I like the campus."

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