Texas defensive end to camp at BYU

Trinity High School was well represented at the All-Poly Camp last week. Big 6-foot-4-inch, 245-pound Gaius Vaenuku and 6-foot-5-inch, 270-pound teammate Sam Tevi were among some of the top camp performers. Tevi will be heading down to BYU for a day to attend BYU's camp in the hopes he receives a Cougar offer.

Flying all the way out from Euless, Texas, Sam Tevi made his first trip out to Utah to attend the All-Poly Camp last week.

"This is actually my first experience ever being down here at the All-Poly Camp, but it feels like I've been down here many times before with all the people I've met," said Tevi with a smile. "My experience down here was a really good one."

During the one-on-one stage of the All-Poly Camp, Tevi faced some of the best offensive linemen the camp provided. He made adjustments based on what he learned from the coaches, and excelled.

"I think the best part for me was doing the one-on-ones with everybody," Tevi said. "It was a lot of fun, and other than that the family atmosphere here is what really stood out to me. All of the coaches out here are all on point. I had a lot of fun being out on the field."

Tevi attended Utah's camp on Monday and will then take a trip down to Provo for a day to attend BYU's camp.

"I'm going to going down to BYU for their football camp," Tevi said. "I'll probably be down there either Thursday or Friday. I'll just be there for one day."

With about a 3.1 GPA, Tevi currently has offers from Arizona State, Arkansas, Houston, New Mexico State, North Texas, Purdue, Syracuse, Texas Tech, Utah State, Washington and Utah. He hopes that by the time he's done camping at BYU, he'll have another offer on the table.

"I just want to go down there and do what I do," Tevi said. "I don't want to be prideful, or sound prideful or anything, but I'm hoping they offer me. I'm just going to go down there and expect it. I think I'm a good enough player for them in every way."

There is a reason why Tevi hopes to receive a BYU offer.

"I grew up a fan of BYU when I was little and I grew up around some BYU players," Tevi said. "I grew up around Ross Apo and around Uona [Kaveinga]. He always comes down to Texas and visits a lot.

"I also want to serve a mission and that's something I wanted to do ever since I was a little kid."

When it comes to influencing his son on what he should do, and where he should go following high school, father Motukia Tevi has only one requirement.

"I don't want to push my son to do anything other than serve a mission," he said. "That's the only place where I'm going to go right now. I want him to focus on serving the Lord when all this is done."

If BYU does decide to offer Tevi a scholarship, the Cougars might have a bit of an advantage in recruiting him. Motukia was BYU defensive line coach Steve Kaufusi's best man at his wedding.

"[Kaufusi] is related to my wife and they served together in the mission field," said Motukia. "Our family is really close to him and we stay in touch every once in a while. He knows he can always call me anytime because we are close."

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