Pulsipher joins Cougar brothers

BYU's latest commit comes in at about 6 feet 6 inches and 245 pounds. Addison Pulsipher is a two-way player for Temecula Valley High School in Southern California. With his commitment to Coach Mendenhall, he'll follow in the footsteps of his two older brothers.

"I went up to Junior Day last Wednesday on the 13th," Addison Pulsipher said. "I started out on the d-line and it wasn't long before Coach Weber told me he wanted to try me out on the o-line. So, they pulled me over to the o-line for the rest of the Junior Day. I split the day half and half doing d-line and o-line.

"After Junior Day, Coach Weber called me in. He said, ‘I would have you talk to Coach Mendenhall right now, but you're going to talk to him after the camp next week, so it would be a waste of time.' He told me I was doing really well and to keep working my butt off and earn that scholarship."

With no scholarship offer on the table, Pulsipher stayed patient. He signed up for the padded camp the following week, and that's when things began to move forward.

"I stayed up there with my brother Andrew in the condo up there," said Pulsipher. "The next week I checked into camp and started playing. Coach Weber pulled me and another kid [Thomas Shoaf] aside. He got an offer as well.

"I worked hard all week and by the end of the week I felt like I was doing a lot better. After the camp they told me to come on up to the office. I go on in and Coach Weber and Coach Doman are in Coach Mendenhall's office with me. They ask me how I am and Coach Mendenhall asks me about the camp and tells me about what BYU is. He talks to me about leadership and about what the Church stands for. He offered me the scholarship, but they were trying to figure out how to handle the situation with me because I'm so young."

Pulsipher is only 16 years old, but will be a senior next season. So, the staff had to figure out a college plan for him.

"I'm going to greyshirt the first semester, which is the fall of 2013," said Pulsipher. "Then I would enroll in school the winter of 2014 and I would be a fulltime student and be on the football team for spring ball.

"My scholarship would start fall of 2014. I would be on the team for 2014 and either play then or redshirt then. I'll then go on my mission in January and then come back and have four years to play. I think I'll have my master's degree by the time I graduate."

Coach Mendenhall wants each recruit's family to be involved in the commitment process. Pulsipher attended the meeting at BYU without his parents, who are currently on a cruise ship in Europe.

"Coach Mendenhall asked me to talk to my parents first [before committing], so I got a hold of my parents and they were in the Adriatic Sea," said Pulsipher.

Pulsipher was able to talk to his parents through Skype.

"It was the only way I could get a hold of them. We talked about it before the camp, that if they offered me, if that is really what I want. I decided on my own that I really wanted to go to BYU."

After speaking with his parents, Pulsipher was ready to pull the trigger.

"I know BYU was where I wanted to be, so after talking with my parents – and they were really excited about my offer – I went back into the office," said Pulsipher. "Coach Mendenhall wasn't in the office at the time, but Coach Weber was walking down the stairs and I caught him right before he left and told him that I was ready to commit.

"We went up to his office and he called Coach Mendenhall and I told Coach Mendenhall that I was committing to him and that's what I want to do. He was excited and said that was great and a good decision I've chosen. Coach Mendenhall eventually came back into the office to shake my hand."

Pulsipher will now join his two older brothers Andrew and Adam as members of BYU's football program. Andrew is a quarterback, while Adam – who is currently serving in the Rancagua, Chile Mission – is a linebacker who was named a Nike invitation-only camp MVP and all-CIF.

The newest Cougar in the Pulsipher family, meanwhile, will play for Coach Weber.

"They want me as a tackle on the offensive line, and in 2014 all three of us will be playing up there at BYU," Pulsipher said.

"They want the tall, long and lean guys they can develop and put meat on," he continued. "I guess in the past they were getting guys that were too big and couldn't move very fast. They're looking for guys that are leaner that they can develop. They said they want to develop me to be up to 300 pounds with around 15 percent body fat. That's what goal they have for me by the time my junior or senior year comes."

The coaches are indeed high on Pulsipher's athleticism.

"They actually said at Junior Day that I was the most athletic lineman up there," he said. "I think basketball really helped me a lot to get me where I am. They want me to be one of those faster offensive linemen on the field to take on the outside linebackers, and I know I can do it."

Addison is excited to put his athleticism to good use under the new development program that BYU has established for its offensive linemen.

"They're training their offensive linemen for the NFL combine," he said. "BYU is now taking a more methodic approach to their offensive linemen where they measure their body fat and keep on everything to help develop their players physically. They work with Omer to get the weight they have set for you and it's just an all-around program they work out with you."

Pulsipher is looking forward to suiting up as a Cougar.

"I'm just so excited about my BYU scholarship," Pulsipher said. "This has been my dream since I was a little kid. It's really exciting.

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