BYU gets quarterback commit

King's High School quarterback Billy Green flew to Provo, Utah on Monday with his mother. The reason for the one-day trip was to meet with BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

Billy Green flew in from Washington with his mother Kelly on Monday morning and will be heading back home Monday evening.

"It's just a quick stop to basically commit to Coach Mendenhall, so today I committed to Coach Mendenhall and told him that BYU is where I wanted to be," said Green.

It was also an opportunity for his mother to see what BYU is like.

"I brought my mom with me down here to see the campus a little bit so she could get a feel for the place," Green said. "She really likes it and I've been really excited about BYU for a [number of] weeks now and decided to commit. I told Coach Mendenhall that I'll be here and have committed to BYU."

Mendenhall was able to alleviate any concerns that Green's mother may have had.

"Coach Mendenhall spoke to my mom about the pressure of being a non-LDS kid and quarterback at BYU. He just really explained it and laid it out for her. She's really comfortable now and my whole family is excited about the opportunity. She's really excited about it. She feels BYU is a great place for me and got the whole campus tour. She's also excited to know that BYU has an honor code and expects their students to live a higher moral standard to be here. She's pumped!"

Coach Doman is also excited about his new quarterback.

"Coach Doman just told me that he's so excited that I chose BYU," Green said. "He just told me congratulations and it's going to be an exciting thing for me over the next couple of years."

While Green's father did not make the trip, he didn't have to wait long to hear the news.

"After I committed I texted my dad and let him know," Green said. "The entire family is just so excited. Coach Doman was in the room with us and he just told me that they are so fired up about having me down there. He just really congratulated me and is excited for me. It was a great experience."

Following his commitment to BYU, Green had some shopping to do.

"I'm going to head down to the BYU bookstore and buy some BYU shirts for my family because I know they'll want to wear some BYU shirts," Green said after committing. "Everyone is really excited and it's been a great day. After this I'm going to go talk to Coach Doman for about 30 minutes and then fly back home. It's been a great guy for me and my family today.

"It's just an honor to come and play here and I can't wait. Now it's about going back home and becoming better in every way, but I'm so excited to be a quarterback here at BYU and it truly is an honor."

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