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On Thursday, Scott Collie once again made an appearance in the Total Blue Sports chat room. Among other topics, he discussed his recent RT25 camps. Here's the complete transcript.

[jeddparkinson] Scott, can you give us a recap of the Norcal RT25 camp (highlights, top players) and then the same for the Socal RT25?
[ReceiverTech] Norcal event was another competitive time for the receivers. 107 degrees and 125 on the field. Actual winner came from Bellarmine College Prep my high school. They played in the State championship against Santa Marguerite.
[ReceiverTech] Other players that stood out, Derek Jones from Eagle Idaho, then there was Kevin Maclean out of Beaverton ,OR. Bradford Buenzli from Oakridge where my boys played showed well

[ReceiverTech] Socal event may have been our most competitive. River Cracraft from Santa Marguerite won the event. He is heading to Washington State. Michael Davis represented and was one of the top performers. In fact Mike had one route where he lost his footing and slipped. Oz had him run the route over and nailed it, but I had to hold with his first score and could of cost him the event.
[ReceiverTech] We now have the top 25 participating in the Elite11 QB comp July 19, 21. That should be a great time for all of them. I think that sums it up.

[jeddparkinson] So you took the RT25 concept from idea to reality in a matter of months. Did it go as you expected? Anything you might modify next year?
[jeddparkinson] We've heard rave reviews from participants and their families by the way
[ReceiverTech] It evolved in just the 3 events. The responses from parents and players have been wonderful. What evolved from the first event and I must thank Reno for it is the amount of teaching that goes on. We were having a tech issue with the wind and our timing mech at the Utah event and Reno took some of the guys over and began to coach up. That has been implemented into each event and the parents and players have all commented that they have never had better instruction in the short amount of time with the boys.
[ReceiverTech] In fact we have been asked by each area to bring it back next year and now we have other locations in different states asking us to bring ti there. We have also been requested to bring clinic/camps back to the area. In fact I am in Idaho this weekend doing a receiver clinic with Dustin Smith's QB group.

[jeddparkinson] Any more comments on Mike Davis? A lot of TBS subscribers have been watching Mike's recruitment closely. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts after working w/ him last weekend.
[ReceiverTech] Mike has been working really hard in becoming a better route runner. He is a great kid and has a great work ethic. Steve Holmoe has been a real good influence in helping him to understand the mental aspect of the game at the next level. He is very coachable.

[jeddparkinson] Exciting to hear about requests for more next year. You mentioned Oz (Austin) and Reno. Dylan and Cody Hoffman also helped out in Utah. Any other players who worked the camps w/ you?
[ReceiverTech] We were fortunate to have Kenneth Scott from UofU work with us as we were up at Bingham High. Great Kid and believes in perfecting the route running and utilizing fundamentals.
[ReceiverTech] Austin, Zac and Dylan will all work with the camp at Mt View High School July 9,10,11 then we go to Bingham July 12,13,14

[jeddparkinson] Subscriber question: How much does motion help a receiver get open?
[ReceiverTech] The motion allows the WR to get a better idea of the defense they are running before the snap. Tough to mask when player goes in motion.

[jeddparkinson] Subscriber question: People talk about QBs who throw a 'catchable' ball, implying that there are aspects of how a QB delivers the ball beyond simple accuracy that are important. Do you subscribe to that idea?
[ReceiverTech] No, As a receiver you better adapt to whoever is throwing the ball. If not you won't be seeing much action. Whatever you do, don't use that as an excuse. Use the lights or the sun before you use it is the spin.
[ReceiverTech] Some QBs will put it on you with more velocity than others, so you better adjust. Royce Bybee threw a ball that hurt your hands regularly.

[jeddparkinson] Subscriber question: Yesterday, the players sounded really determined to do better this year, especially against Utah. I've seen fans say BYU comes out without enough fire and others claim that they were too hyped up and that resulted in too many errors. Should a WR be 'on fire' before a game or should he try to keep himself collected?
[ReceiverTech] I believe football has to be played with emotion. Execution yes, but emotion is an important ingredient to success of a play or a game or even a season. However a players emotion presents itself differently with each player. You also have to be mature enough to control that emotion so you don't leave it all in the locker room prior to the game. Each player is responsible to get themselves ready emotionally. It needs to be learned.

[jeddparkinson] Subscriber question: Brandon Doman took a lot of criticism last year in his first year as OC. Much of the blame for BYUs lack of offensive success was laid at his feet, along with Jake. What do you think Doman will do differently in year 2 to help with consistency.
[ReceiverTech] I believe Coach Doman is perfect for the job. I am sure he will be the first to say he needs to get better. He will get better. He needs to trust his ability and knowledge. He also needs to make sure the players execute what they have been taught. Coaches don't play the game.

[jeddparkinson] Subscriber question: Do you think Brian Johnson at Utah will have the same growing pains and learning curve as Doman? If anyone in the media does, they sure aren't saying it.
[ReceiverTech] I don't think you can enhance your learning until you are in the fire. Nothing can prepare you for the fire until you are in the game and you have to make that right call. Sometimes you will sometimes you won't, but the next time around you will know how to handle the situation better than you did the first time.
[ReceiverTech] Experience is the OC's best friend. People need to allow the younger coaches to work at getting better. They will.

[jeddparkinson] Subscriber question: Austin mentioned during BYU Media Day that he knew BYU did not have the talent that other programs do. Where do you rate BYUs talent vs. production on the field, and at what position is BYU most in need of an upgrade in talent?
[ReceiverTech] What Austin meant by that is that there are players on BYU that are as good as any player on any of those labeled BCS teams. But we are not going to get all the nationally hyped guys.

[jeddparkinson] Subscriber question: Regarding talent, clearly Austin was more than a 3-star talent. How much of "talent" is character, coaching, or on field production, and how much is just raw combine stats? How do you evaluate talent?
[ReceiverTech] i have a real issue with the player rankings. Often it is a popularity contest. They tend to follow the large high school programs where D1 players have been generated. I believe there are programs that are smaller that may not have the QB who has thrown for 5,000 yds, but the potential for the athlete at the college level is unlimited. Just like the college player who is supposed to be the next wonder boy and he washes out.
[ReceiverTech] You don't know until they play. The hype is great, but it won't make the play if the kid can't play. I tend to be a bit emotional about the rankings.

[jeddparkinson] Subscriber question: Comparing your own recruiting experience with that of your sons, how has the increased media coverage changed the experience for the athletes and their families?
[ReceiverTech] My recruiting experience does not compare to what my sons went through or what any family goes through today. It has changed. I believe a lot of the time the media makes the athlete bigger.

[jeddparkinson] Does the coverage become a distraction or a detriment to the kids? What advice did you give your sons as they went through it?
[ReceiverTech] So the athlete is doing everything they can to get exposure. I saw it in my own kids. The kids want to be able to say I had 42 offers or I took all my trips or I am going to wait and expose the hat of my choice. Just as I told my kids, it doesn't matter, you won't ever mention in the locker room when you report as a freshmen of how many offers you had. If you do, the Jr or Sr who has been dying for the college program will knock you in the mouth.

[CMuehle] When you are working with another expert like Kenneth Scott, do you sometimes disagree about any of the fundamentals of route running? Do you emphasize different things about how to be a great WR?
[ReceiverTech] We are not making things up and labeling it as Collie fundamentals. If you understand the fundamentals and believe in them, then a WR will be able to teach it. Kenneth is a student under Aaron Roderick who believes in the fundamentals.

[jeddparkinson] Subscriber question: Hayden Weichers mentioned a friendship and some friendly competition with Dylan during the RT25 camp. Is it important to have that sort of friendly competition among teammates?
[ReceiverTech] Of course. I believe your team mates make you better. You surround yourself around athletes that are better than you and then you work to be better than that person. It pushes each of you. If you get satisfied, then you will lose and find yourself watching your buddies play and that sucks.

[cougarnw] I know your sons were trained as receivers from an early age, how old were they when they first starting catching from a JUGS machine?
[ReceiverTech] Not till they were older and a machine was made available. I have a great arm.

[jeddparkinson] OK, it looks like we've used up our time - thanks again Scott. Good stuff as always. We'll see you again next month.
[ReceiverTech] OK thanks for having me I love it.

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