Flowers talks about his top three

Judson High School safety Tre Flowers holds eight offers at this current time, but there are three that have risen to the top. The nation's 27th ranked safety talks about why those three sit on top of his list.

Flowers has offers from Arizona State, BYU, Kansas State, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Texas San Antonio and Utah.

"I'm just taking it day by day and trying to get my rankings together," Flowers said. "My top three right now are K-State, BYU and Arizona State."

Let's take a look at each school and get Flowers' thoughts on why they've risen above the rest, starting with Arizona State.

"My uncle actually played there back in the early 90s," said Flowers. "I remember watching him play down there, and so that's one reason why I like ASU. Second, I like the coaching staff they have there and they put a lot of players in the NFL."

Next up, Kansas State.

"I like how they came at me early," Flowers said. "They were like the first real big school to offer me. They recognized my potential and I really like that. I went down there to their Junior Day and met all their coaches and like their coaching staff."

As for BYU, Flowers paid a visit to the campus during spring camp.

"When I was down there I met a lot of the players and everything," he said. "I really like the type of players they get down there and they're really good people and just like us. There's no difference in them. I also like the program the coaches have set up and just like how they do things down there in Provo.

"BYU sends me letters every time I check the mail. I'm being recruited by Coach Weber and Coach Howell and have a good relationship with those guys. It's going good."

Flowers had planned to revisit BYU at the end of last month with his parents.

"My mom actually had to work, so we weren't able to make it down there like we had planned," said Flowers. "I think I'm just going to wait until my official visit. I wanted to make it down there with my mom and my dad, but they'll come down with me when I make my official visit."

The Texas safety wants to try and head back to BYU during the season.

"I actually want to try and come to a game just to see what the experience is like," said Flowers. "It doesn't matter if they win or lose, I just want to see what the fan base is like and how the coaches are on game day and how the players respond. I just want to see more of what it's like on game day to have a better idea."

Flowers doesn't know when exactly that visit will take place yet.

"I haven't talked to the coaches about that yet," Flowers said. "I know that Coach Howell is setting that up for us now, so when we get that planned out later on, we'll head on down. I want to bring my parents with me, so we'll head on down when everything gets set up later on."

The visit will more than likely be at the end of the year, when the coaches generally set up a day in which recruits can visit the school together.

As for deciding between the different schools, Flowers is seeking guidance from multiple sources.

"I'm just going day by day and keep praying on it," Flowers said. "Everything you do needs to go through God. I'll then talk about it with my parents, and whatever we agree on then, we'll move forward on it."

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