Awaiting ACT results, Soi Supreme at All-Star Game

The ACT test results for <b>Brian Soi's</b> final shot at academic eligibility allowing him to play for BYU's football team this fall are expected any day now and Soi is as anxious as the most ardent of Cougar fans.

"I'm just waiting for them. Whatever happens will happen. I've been praying every night."

Soi, who lives a five minute drive from BYU's campus, was a major catch and the top defensive prize of BYU's defensive recruiting class this past February. He was rated by USA Today as the #2 defensive line recruit in the country.

Soi told if he is ruled academically ineligible, he and his parents will review and discuss his options. The two main options are to play and graduate from a junior college or sit out a year, pass the ACT test and receive NCAA Clearing House approval before registering at BYU next year.

Meanwhile, the 6-3, 295-pound Soi starred, shone and was supremely impressive last weekend at the Utah 4A-5A All Star Game for the top high school seniors throughout Utah.

"I thought I did well. I had 11 tackles behind the line of scrimmage," he said in a gross understatement.

It didn't matter that they had him opposite some of the best graduating high school talent in Utah. "I went up against some big ol' guys from Skyline High School and they changed the players three times against me," he said.

In addition to his 11 tackles for losses, Soi also recorded a few other impressive stats for the game: "I also had two fumble recoveries and two sacks. Not bad for one game."

Not bad for one game? Those would be impressive season stats for most other imposing and impressive defensive linemen.

Because of the havoc he caused behind the line of scrimmage, Soi said he received a lot of abuse from opposing players that left his shins battered and bruised.

"They kept cutting me. My legs were pretty bruised and sore.

Soi also played alongside and against two other highly recruited 2003 BYU signees – Jason Speredon and Dan VanSweden.

The 6-3, 230-pound tight end VanSweden played on his team and impressed Soi, who is not easily impressed: "He had a couple of catches. He's huge and he's fast too! He's runs fast for his size. He didn't play at tight end during the game, but he played wide receiver. He's that good."

Speredon, a First Team All West selection, was equally impressive to Soi: "He had a couple of tackles behind the line of scrimmage. He played both ways. He's huge!"

Soi said the All-Star game "was fun and a good experience for me. I got to meet a lot of good players..."

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