Delva enjoys visit to BYU

BYU is looking for talent to come in and fill some spots across the two-deep roster once this upcoming season is over. Coach Kaufusi has been hard at work identifying players that can take the place of his current players after this season, and apparently he's found that in Edwin Delva, a junior college defensive lineman in Southern California.

Edwin Delva is not only big but strong. His self-reported weight room numbers are some of the best heard from a junior college prospect.

"I'm 6'3", 280 and bench 405 pounds," said Delva. "I squat around 650 pounds and clean 315. I like to go hard in the weight room."

Delva, who is originally from Miami, developed some versatility while playing for Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California last year.

"I play defensive tackle and play the three technique," said Delva. "I most like to rush the quarterback and try and stop the run. I'm pretty good with my hands and can get off the ball really quickly. Last year we played a 3-4 defense, but halfway through the season we switched to a 4-3. When we ran the 3-4 defense the coaches had me at nose tackle and I did really good. I'm quick off the ball and like to get to the ball quickly. I'll redirect quickly if I have to."

His performance last season was noteworthy.

"My stats from last year: I had 29 tackles and five sacks," he said. "I had one safety and two fumble recoveries, one I took back for a touchdown. I also had nine tackles for a loss."

Delva is looking to graduate from Antelope Valley by the end of the year.

"I'm trying to get out by December," he said. "I'll have three years to play two and want to be done in time for the following year."

So far Delva has quite a few offers on the table.

"I have Kansas State, Oregon State, Pitt, Kansas, Purdue, Tennessee, Washington State, University of South Florida, San Jose State, Texas A&M, Iowa State, BYU and New Mexico State," Delva said.

That makes 13 offers in all. However, some are recruiting him harder than others.

"I would say the five recruiting me the hardest are Pitt, Tennessee, BYU, Texas A&M and Oregon State," Delva said. "Those are the schools that have a pretty good chance."

So what exactly is Delva looking for in a university?

"I want a good program and be around good people," Delva said. "I want to graduate with a degree. As far as football goes, I want a good coaching staff, a decent-minded staff and a good, decent-minded school. I want to be at a program that has a lot of success and have fun playing football."

Delva recently visited BYU and enjoyed the experience.

"I've been out to BYU and I know BYU is a Mormon school," said Delva, who is Catholic. "I know you're required to live differently when you attend their school, like no drugs, alcohol or sex. They're good people and nobody is bad up there. Players who go there focus on football and school.

"I had a really good time and enjoyed everything. I was out there last week or a week and a half ago. The coaches showed me around the campus and the football facilities. We went around Provo and saw the mountains right behind the stadium. I've never seen mountains like that and it's a nice place. I met all the coaches over there and met Coach Mendenhall while I was there. We had a good talk."

So what does he think of BYU's head coach?

"He's a really good guy and wants nothing but the best for me," Delva said. "When I was there he wanted me to set my goals for football when I come over there and all that stuff."

Delva said BYU met his expectations and all the criteria he was looking for.

"I thought the school matched up really well with what I'm looking for. The campus and the way people treat you down there is something that was different. It was a good feeling out there. I haven't visited any other schools yet besides BYU."

Delva also said that he is fine with BYU's honor code. Speaking of business, that's what Delva would like to study, and that's a department that BYU is well-known for.

"I was thinking of going into business or a field like that, either business or business management. I was thinking of studying something along those lines. I want to be sure to graduate with a degree after I'm done playing football. The coaches asked me about after I graduate and about life and stuff like that. Coach Kaufusi talks about those things and he's a pretty funny guy. I like him."

Kaufusi is the coach recruiting Delva.

"He's a really cool guy and I really like him a lot," said Delva. "He's a really good guy and he cares about the kid a lot. I saw that in him [while] talking to him."

While Delva could play various positions on the defensive line, BYU is looking at him for a specific position.

"BYU is recruiting me as a nose guard," said Delva. "That's alright because I can do that if that's where I'm needed. They told me they're losing a first-team and a second-team after this year, so they really need help on the d-line. They want me to come in and play right away."

Delva rated his visit to BYU very highly.

"I would rate my experience out there at BYU a nine [out of 10]," Delva said. "I really liked it out there and really liked the people out there. I was told how great of a place it was, but saw that it was true when I went out there. Everything Coach Kaufusi told me was true and it was a great experience."

In the meantime, he's continuing to research the programs that are showing the most interest in him.

"I'm just going to continue to take some trips and look up schools on the internet," said Delva. "I'll talk to my parents and all that before I make my decision before the end of the year."

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