Masina has a top three

Brighton High School linebacker Uaea Masina holds four scholarship offers at the moment: BYU, Colorado, San Diego State and Utah. Three have risen to the top, and Utah's top linebacker prospect will make an unofficial visit to one of them this weekend.

Uaea Masina had a strong showing at the All-Poly Camp last month. He was clearly one of the top linebacker performers in attendance, and also played some defensive end.

"They were just overloaded with backer and they wanted to see if anyone would rotate down to the line," Masina said. "They said if I didn't rotate down, then I would have to come out, and I didn't want to do that so I moved down to the line. When I wasn't playing linebacker I was playing d-end because I didn't want to come out."

On June 16 Masina was named among the best at the camp when MVP awards were given. Since his showing at the All-Poly Camp, nothing new has happened in the world of recruiting except for one thing.

"The only thing new now is that I plan on visiting San Diego State on Friday, Saturday and Sunday," said Masina. "I just want to head on down there and check things out down there. I kind of like everything about San Diego State. They're a program that's getting better and I've been in touch with their coaches all the time. I don't know, there is just a good feeling you get about specific schools and I just like this one a lot.

"When I come back home I'll then visit Utah and BYU. I just want to take another look at these three schools."

Masina said that BYU, Utah and San Diego State are his top three colleges right now.

"I just like those three schools and they're nice people, great coaches and I just think those three schools fit me best. I just kind of sat down with my family and kind of made an evaluation on them and it wasn't just based on football. When I'm back from my visit to San Diego State I'll decide. I don't know how long it will take or when it will happen but it will be a hard thing, but, I don't know, it's gotta happen soon or later I guess.

"Ultimately it came down to me deciding and I put BYU and Utah down as my first two because they happened to be two that I really like and are close by and whatnot. I had a tough time picking between the other schools, but I picked San Diego State as my other school. I'll definitely keep in touch with the other schools."

His eventual decision will have more to do with comfort and fit rather than things like conference affiliation.

"I considered each school and really thought it out," Masina said. "I sat down for a couple of nights and spent around two hours each night just looking at each school and doing a lot of thinking on my own. I just decided that San Diego State fit me more in what I'm looking for at the college level, along with Utah and BYU."

As for BYU, Masina had positive things to say about the Cougar program.

"Oh man, I love the Cougars and there's not much else you can really say more about BYU," Masina said. "It's just a great program and I love all the coaches there. They keep in touch as much as possible and there's nothing bad you can say to hate on them because they're all just great people. When I come back from San Diego, I'll make a visit out there and to Utah and then make a decision between those three."

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