BYU looking at Arizona receiver/tight end

The BYU staff is looking beyond the 2013 class and filling up its recruiting board with the next class as well. The Cougars already have two commits for 2013, and are now taking a closer look at a wide receiver/tight end prospect in Arizona.

Heading into his junior year at Sabino High School, Matt Bushman is already receiving attention.

"I'm 6'5", 205 pounds right now and my bench press is 230 pounds and I squat 350," Bushman said. "I played receiver last year and did pretty good. I don't know what my stats were but it was my first year playing receiver. We had a really good quarterback and so I got the ball quite a bit. I made all-division last year."

However, Bushman's future could lie at a different position.

"I spoke with some college coaches. I'll probably start playing more tight end, so I'll be playing more receiver and tight end," Bushman said. "I'm working on adding weight. Last year I was at 185 pounds but added 15 pound since the season ended. So now I'm 205 and want to get up to around 220 pounds by next season."

Southwest recruiting analyst Jason Jewell placed Bushman among the "star-studded" prospects for the class of 2014 while covering the Northern Arizona Underclassmen 7-on-7 tournament held in June. If the Cougars decide to strongly go after Bushman, they'll be in great shape given his deep connections to the university.

"My whole family pretty much went to BYU," said Bushman, who is LDS. "My parents went there and my uncle, Quinn Gooch, played safety there a few years ago. My older brother [Riley] plays there now and he's an inside linebacker. He just broke his foot again about a month ago. He was doing a shuttle drill and it just popped. So, I've had a lot of family go to BYU and my older brother goes there now."

BYU is in fact showing early interest in the tall tight end prospect.

"BYU came down to our school a couple of times," Bushman said. "Coach Tidwell and Coach Poppinga have come down a few times. They're looking at me and Andrew [Mike], our offensive tackle. Andrew has been my best friend since we were little."

The two friends were invited to attend BYU's Junior Day held in June.

"We went up to BYU's Junior Day and had a really good time up there," said Bushman. "We both went to the Junior Day and there were a lot of recruits that they're looking at there. Andrew got offered afterwards, so it was really good. He was happy about that and said he really liked it down there. Then after that I went to the padded camp they had."

Although Bushman wasn't offered a scholarship following Junior Day like Mike was, he did represent really well during the padded camp.

"Yeah, I did really well during the camp and was named the MVP for all the tight ends," Bushman said. "It was a good experience for me to be able to compete out there and I think I did that."

According to Mike, Bushman is also a force for their high school.

"Matt played wide receiver for us last year and he was just unstoppable," said Mike. "He creates such a mismatch for defensive backs because he's so tall and fast. He's just a beast out there and really tore it up last year. I know the coaches want him to try and move over to the tight end position more for the next level."

Bushman is hoping that he'll receive a scholarship offer from BYU. If that does happen, he's hoping to possibly play with Mike at BYU.

"It would just be so cool to be able to play together with Andrew," said Bushman. "He's such a hard worker and is one of my best friends. He's also one of the best linemen in the country for our class, so it would just be pretty sweet to play with him. Hopefully, I can get a scholarship to BYU, and if he commits there we can play together."

Does BYU have a chance of landing arguably one of the top offensive linemen for the 2014 class in Mike? Bushman thinks there is a chance.

"He likes BYU a lot and said it's one of his top schools for him," said Bushman. "I've tried to convince him and tell him some stuff about BYU. I think he's thinking about it."

In the meantime, the Cougars are taking a hard look at Bushman and will monitor his progress.

"BYU told me that they like me a lot and they're taking an early look at me," Bushman said. "They want to see if I gain weight in the next year or so. They also want to see me be more physical, and if I can do those things I'll have a chance.

"They've been saying that I have a pretty good chance to get a scholarship, but they just want to see what happens this season."

Because he is LDS and has family at BYU, it is not surprising that Bushman is very interested in BYU.

"Yeah, I'm really interested in BYU because I grew up watching BYU football," he said. "It's just a great college and a great environment being up there. There are some great coaches and players up there and it's just a great program to be around. It's just a great school and environment to be around if you live a certain way."

Following high school, Bushman plans on following in his brother Riley's footsteps by serving a mission.

"Yeah, my brother served his mission to Panama," Bushman said. "I plan on serving a mission after high school as well."

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