Cougar staff has eye on Petersen

Snowflake High School is a small 4A school in the town of Snowflake, located in the White Mountains of Arizona. The BYU coaches have been there to look at an LDS offensive lineman that visited to BYU's padded camp this year.

Reggie Petersen is being looked at by both BYU and Utah. A two-way player at 6 feet 5 inches and 255 pounds, Petersen will be a junior next season and will graduate in 2013.

"I play right offensive tackle and I play nose guard, but I'm probably going to play defensive end this year, and I long snap," said Petersen.

What is it like being that tall and playing nose guard?

"Well, it was a little different," Petersen said. "I had to make sure no one ran up the middle on us and just plug up the hole. We run like a 3-5 defense, and so I just played in the middle. I'm being looked at for offensive line mostly. I've spoken with coaches from BYU and Utah mostly.

"I've spoken to coaches from both universities and have been to both of their camps. I'm also being looked at by Glendale Community College, NAU and Snow College and Dixie State."

Because Snowflake is located in the mountains and out of the way, players there don't get lot of recruiting attention. Petersen hopes to change that by attending camps, like he has done with both BYU and Utah.

"It was fun and I was at both of their football camps over the summer," Petersen said. "They were really nice campuses and I liked it. I went to BYU's camp last June 14th for the whole week and I've been down there for three years. You do drills just to see what you can do and learn as much as you can. I met a lot of other coaches from SUU, Dixie State, Weber State and Snow College. That's where I met those coaches."

What were his thoughts about BYU?

"I love their campus and it's really nice and there's stuff to do out there," said Petersen. "I've always liked BYU and that's where a lot of my family members have gone. My mom went there and a few of her friends went there along with some of her relatives. Also a few of my uncles went there."

He also attended the NAU 7-on-7 combine held in Flagstaff.

"It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of good competition there," Petersen said. "I got to compete and see all the competition and see how good I needed to become. I did really well at that camp but want to get better."

Petersen, who is LDS, said he plans on serving a mission once he turns 19.

Being LDS and having family members that have attended BYU, Petersen hopes he can prove to the coaches that he's worthy of a BYU scholarship.

"I just like BYU because of the standards," Petersen said. "You have to keep up with the good standards, and the people there all have the same standards that you do. I'm LDS and so that's a big attraction to me. I'm hoping that I can continue to improve and get better and hope I can go there."

So what is the recruiting status with Petersen and BYU?

"I don't know for sure but they came down to my school and seemed pretty serious about me," said Petersen. "They wanted me to keep playing hard and lifting and go to their camps. Like I said, I'm hoping that BYU will offer me but I need to prove myself first. I want to have a really good season this year, and I've been working hard and I've gotten a lot stronger since last year. I squat around 350 and want to continue to improve on that, and my bench is 305. I just need to continue improving and will try to do that."

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