Cougars looking at Mountain Crest h-back

The BYU Cougar staff is looking at a Mountain Crest High School athlete who will be a senior this upcoming year. The Mustang quarterback/running back has told Total Blue Sports that BYU is trying to find a way for him to be on the roster at some future point.

He's quick, shifty, and his name is Eddy Hall.

"I'm 5'9", 180 pounds and I bench around 225 and squat 405," said Hall. "I don't know how much I can clean. My coach hand-timed me in the forty at a 4.49 but I don't know what my laser time is. At the Utah combine I was timed a 4.2 in the shuttle. It was the full-padded elite camp."

Hall's primary position is running back. However, ever since BYU Cougar and former Mustang quarterback Alex Kuresa graduated from high school, Hall has had to fill in.

"I played quarterback as a junior and as a sophomore I played running back when Alex Kuresa was playing with us," Hall said. "The position I play the best is running back. I was named newcomer of the year my sophomore year, even though we spread the ball around a lot when Alex was still playing at Mountain Crest, but it's a position I've played all my life. Last year was the first year I ever played quarterback."

Over the summer, Hall attended BYU's summer camp and received some positive feedback.

"I went one day to BYU's full-week camp," Hall said. "Then I went to BYU's passing league like we always do. They talked to me there and said they were really impressed with me and wanted to offer. The only problem was they didn't have any scholarships at the time, or as of right now, and so they're trying to see if I can come in and [greyshirt] first."

The news that BYU is possibly trying to find a way to bring him onboard was an exciting proposition for Hall.

"Coach Cahoon is the one that has been recruiting me and he's a great guy. I know he's the receivers coach but they said they want to recruit me at the slot receiver and h-back position. I think it's really exciting for me because BYU is one of the bigger schools in Utah. BYU is trying to look for [a scholarship] and I've been keeping in touch with them. I think it's really cool that they said they were looking for one, and said they really want to coach me, but that's as far as it's gone at this point in time. If I'm able to make it to BYU I would be the first one in my family to go to college, so to have that opportunity to go to BYU would be amazing."

Hall feels that if by some creative way the Cougar staff couldn't bring him in, he could go to Snow Junior College for a year until something opens up.

"I really want to go there, but if not, then I can go a different route like Snow College for a year, then see if they have [a scholarship]," Hall said. "I really want to go there because it's close to home, so my family could come and watch me. BYU is one of the best schools in the West really, so I really want to go there and be a part of that program."

Hall is LDS but doesn't have plans for serving a mission. In the meantime, he's waiting for BYU to get back to him with news one way or the other.

"I just call them once in a while and ask them how things are going and what the update is and all that stuff," said Hall. "They just say they keep trying to find one but at this point in time don't, so right now they're just waiting and trying to find a way for me to go there. I'm sure I'll know sooner or later either way."

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