Aaron Francisco to Undergo Minor Foot Surgery

BYU defensive star safety <b>Aaron Francisco</b> will undergo minor foot surgery tonight in Provo for a stress fracture on the outside edge of his left foot. He is expected to be fully healed within three weeks and will participate in fall practices next month.

"I might miss a little of fall camp. It just depends on how fast it heals."

Francisco told TotalBlueSports.com about the injury last week during an interview for TOTAL BLUE SPORTS Magazine, but he did not learn the extent of it until he had a bone scan yesterday at a Provo hospital. He was also examined today by Dr. Morgan, a Salt Lake City foot specialist, for a second opinion. He confirmed the stress fracture and suggested the insertion of a screw for stronger support and faster healing.

The doctors told the Francisco's they expect Aaron's injury to be mostly healed within three weeks.

BYU coaches consulted with both Francisco and his father James in Laie (Hawaii) today before they decided to move forward immediately with a procedure to insert the screw. Dr. Kurt Kimball agreed to perform the minor procedure this evening.

The doctors agree the injury could reoccur if he does not have the screw inserted because of the constant pressure he will place on it during practice and games.

"My Dad and I talked and we wanted to do it as soon as possible and Dr. Kimball said he could get me in tonight."

Francisco told TBS last week he injured his foot in non-contact voluntary summer drills on July 2 during 7-on-7 workouts. "I broke on a sharp angle and it felt like something tore in my foot."

He said his BYU teammates were surprised to see him in the weight room yesterday with a specially-fitted boot. "They were kind of worried. They didn't know I was hurt." Francisco said his workouts now are limited to lifting and riding the bike.

Francisco said he has not spoken with BYU Coaches Gary Crowton or Bronco Mendenhall. "I think they are on vacation, but I know coach Mendenhall knows about it.

"Am I concerned? Yeah, a little. I was not expecting this to happen. It's kind of cutting it close to the season. Hopefully, it will heal fast and I can get back to playing as soon as possible."

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