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Wilsonville, Oregon wide receiver Tanner Shipley received his first Division I offer from BYU last month following his participation in the school's summer camp. After receiving his offer from Coach Mendenhall, he committed. Now, after opening himself back up for recruitment, Shipley is looking for confirmation that it was the right decision.

Tanner Shipley said he got caught up in the excitement and thrill of receiving a BYU scholarship offer.

"You know, when I got down there and got the scholarship, I was so excited," Shipley said. "It happened so quick that I jumped on it. I wasn't really thinking about my family, teammates and friends that were all supporting me. I just feel like I needed to kind of step back a little and do more research and make sure that this was the right decision. I got so excited that I kind of rushed it, I really did. I don't want to rush. I want to know that I'm 100 percent sure that my decision to commit is the absolute right one while I'm there. I don't want to have any doubts."

After committing, he thought more and more that he might have pulled the trigger a little too soon.

"I was thinking about it every single day, and when you‘re thinking about it that much - that if I‘m making the right decision - then I feel I need to step back a bit and make sure I'm making the right decision," Shipley said. "I just have to make sure about it."

So, Shipley wants to give recruiting some more thought.

"The decision to step back a little and find confirmation that my decision to commit to BYU was the right one is what I want to do," Shipley said. "I love BYU and this in no way changes how I feel about BYU in any way."

Why he is still considering other schools, he said he still favors BYU.

"BYU is my number one school right now," Shipley. "It's just I need more time to make sure that my decision to commit there is the right one. BYU is an incredible school and anybody would be lucky to go there. This has nothing to do with BYU but more me and I just want to make sure. This has nothing to do with BYU. BYU is awesome. BYU is amazing and, like I said, BYU is my top school."

But why is BYU his top school?

"Well, I am LDS and BYU's coaching staff is probably the best coaching staff around," said Shipley. "Their passing offense is one of the best in the whole United States. It's a great program that builds champions and that's their motto. That's what they focus on is there is building champions in football and in life. That's what they do. Anyone who goes there is going to learn to be a man in life, a champion in life, and not just a champion in football. They take pride in that and it's just a great place to be. The people there live a higher standard and it's a great campus, among many other things."

With all that BYU has to offer, what is it that would pull him away to another college program?

"I think it would be more of a lean towards a family-wise situation," Shipley said. "I mean, it would be nice for all of my family to be able to watch me. A pro would be more that situation rather than the con of having to go out of state. But that isn't the main thing, but something to include in the equation. I really just want to take some visits and find out everything I need to know, then get with my family and make a decision. BYU is still on top but I just have to be sure."

Shipley joined the LDS faith months ago and is the only member of the Church in his family. He said his final decision will be his own and not someone else's.

"While I want to take my family into consideration, my final decision will be 100 percent my decision," Shipley said. "Half the people that supported me all my life will play into it, but in the end I'm the judge and it will be my decision that will be the final decision."

So the quest to find affirmation begins. To make sure his initial decision was the right one, Shipley is going to visit other schools.

"I've only been to camps, so I want to take some unofficial visits and some visits to get that assurance," he said. "It's my time now to really make sure and feel good about everything. I was just about 70-to-80 percent sure, and so if it's bugging me this much I need to make it 100 percent so I have no regrets. If I find a home in Oregon or Utah, I just have to make sure it's the right decision."

Over the next few months, Shipley will take up his quest for reassurance.

"The next three months is a time for me to make sure that my initial decision to commit to BYU is the right one," Shipley said. "This is going to be a time for me to focus on my senior year and confirm my decision with my family. With all that's going on, it's going to be a lot easier for me to focus instead of always wondering if my decision was the right one."

Once Shipley decided to reevaluate his decision, he spoke to Coach Poppinga.

"Yeah, I talked to Coach Poppinga for about a half hour yesterday," said Shipley. "He supported me and understood, but at the same time he was a little disappointed and I understand that. He's the one that recruited me and first discovered me, and so he was really excited when I got that offer and committed. But he told me to keep the things that I learned and have in mind while I was there at BYU close, then make that decision. I'll always have those things that make BYU great in my head while I go through this process. It's just right now I have to keep everything in mind and go from there."

Shipley's best friend Dallin Leavitt, meanwhile, is a BYU commit.

"He was a little disappointed," Shipley said. "At the same time this is something I felt I had to do and is something that happens sometimes. BYU is just so great and so amazing, and when I was there all I was thinking about was them. In the beginning I kind of told myself that I would take my time and include my family in. I know Dallin is someone that I can talk to and will always be there for me to help guide me and have that extra input to be able to make an informed decision. He's great and has always been there for me."

Since his Cougar offer, Shipley has received interest from some other schools.

"I have three other scholarships," Shipley said. "I have one from Oregon State, Wyoming and Northern Colorado. I haven't had a chance to really look at them. I got a chance to look at BYU but I haven't had a chance to look at them, so I want to give everyone a fair chance and go check them out to find that reassurance that BYU is the right decision.

"If I feel like my first decision was the right one, then I'll be at BYU. If I feel there is another school with something more, then I'll probably go there. It's just a time right now where I can really reflect on my decision and learn from it. I really want to get the full recruiting process in, like I said, to make sure my decision is the right one."

Should Shipley receives confirmation that his initial decision to commit to BYU was indeed the right one, he'll then be able to go forth more committed, fully invested and with no regrets.

"That's what I want and all that I'm searching for," Shipley said. "BYU is probably where I'll be. I just [like] having that 100 percent understanding so I can go out and give it 110 percent of my heart. It's just all in time I think. It's just a process I have to go through to wipe away any doubts so I can go forward with no regrets, having my heart set knowing this is where I need to be."

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