Speedy California receiver commits to BYU

Coach Mendenhall received a phone call on Friday with some very good news. On the other end was star Glendale High School wide receiver Michael Davis, who gave him a verbal commitment.

Coming in at about 6 feet 2.5 inches and 180 pounds, Michael Davis is the type of receiver BYU fans have been craving for since the staff signed Ross Apo in 2010.

"I called up Coach Mendenhall yesterday and committed to him on the phone," said Davis. "I told him that I was ready to become a Cougar. I told him that I was ready to commit and he accepted my commitment to the school. He was very happy and was very anxious and excited that I committed to him yesterday."

After speaking with Mendenhall, Davis then contacted his future position coach.

"I contacted Coach Cahoon on Facebook and he was really excited," said Davis. "I told him that I'm really honored for him to be my coach and told him I'm excited for him to coach me."

Davis is happy the recruiting process is now over.

"I'm kind of glad that I did and got it over with," he said. "I'm kind of glad that I didn't wait for all of these other offers to come in. I'm just glad I committed because BYU is such a great school."

"He made up his mind that he wanted to commit to BYU," said his mother Anna. "He feels sure about it and that's what he wants to do, and so he committed. This was his decision and the whole thing was done by him. He made up his mind and I support him 100 percent."

The reason why Davis chose BYU was because of how comfortable he felt on BYU's campus.

"BYU is a great environment and it's a family-like environment," Davis said. "The people and the coaches over there are great. I just felt like that's where I needed to be, so that's why I decided to commit when I did."

Meanwhile, Anna will take the opportunity to visit BYU's campus as well when her son goes there again.

"I'm going up there for a visit, I think, in two weeks," she said. "I'm excited for that and looking forward to it. I want to be able to check out the school grounds and see where he will be living in the future. I just want to check out the place."

She also wants to meet the men that will be her son's mentors at college.

"Yeah, I want to meet the coaches and get to know them and see their point of view on things," said Anna. "I want to see the environment and what my son will be experiencing at BYU. I also want to see what the future of the program is and how they're going to help my son as an athlete."

This will be her first visit to a Division I college football program.

"Yeah, she's excited to go up there with me," said Davis. "We're going to go up there in two weeks to see the campus and talk to the coaches. This will be an unofficial visit when we go, and then we're going to go on the official visit in December."

Selected as one of the top performers at the RT25 camp, Davis was supposed to attend the Elite 11 camp recently held in Long Beach.

"Yeah, I went to the RT25 but I wasn't able to make it to the Elite 11 camp because I was in Palm Springs," Davis said. "I was one of the top receivers in the [RT25] camp but couldn't make it [to the Elite 11]. It was a good camp and I did really well, seeing how all the other receivers play."

So what Will Davis bring to the table?

"I think I'll bring my speed and be able to spread defenses out. I think I'll bring my quickness and speed and be able to catch the ball and run past defenders," said Davis. "I'll be able to catch the deep balls and hopefully I'll be able to bring my quickness to the table."

Speed and quickness are things that Davis oozes in abundance.

"I run the 100 meters in 10.6 and the 200 meters in 21.4 ... I'm going to spread defenses out and do some damage!"

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