Feterik Earns Respect the Hard Way

If you thought earning respect from teammates and fans or overcoming news media scrutiny and skepticism as the head coach's son was tough enough, try being a quarterback on a professional football team owned by your dad.

That's the quandary former BYU quarterback Kevin Feterik is in as the back-up signal caller for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League.

Feterik is starting his third year playing quarterback in Canada after an unsuccessful free-agent try-out with the Seattle Seahawks. He has taken quite a bit of heat from the local media fighting the perception he has a roster spot because his father bought the Stampeders in 2000.

Although Kevin has played sparingly over the past two seasons (he suffered a back injury during mop up duty during a game early in the 2002 season), he entered the 2003 training camp in great shape ready to prove the critics wrong.

The Stampeders hired a new head coach Jim Barker this season. Barker was the offensive coordinator for the XFL champion Los Angeles Extreme. The new coach brings with him a new offense which should suit Kevin well.

Some of Feterik's teammates in Calgary include Albert Connell (formerly of the Washington Redskins); Lawrence Phillips (just broke his hand and is out 6-10 weeks); WR Wayne McGarrity and Saladin McCullough. Calgary also signed Scott Milanovich, a back-up QB in the NFL the last four years.

Feterik played well during Calgary's two pre-season games. TotalBlueSports.com spoke with him after the second pre-season game. He said he "feels good about his role" backing up QB Marcus Crandell, who played college ball at Eastern Carolina University.

Feterik looked a little tentative in the first pre-season game against the British Columbia Lions. It took four series before his offense made a first down, but then settled down a bit and put some decent drives together. He looked more poised and impressive in his second pre-season game, scoring on an impressive 8-yard run where he showed his speed and athleticism.

Asked if it was difficult for him the first time he had to put on the red and white Stampeder uniforms, Feterik chuckled and said "my high school colors were red and white so it was no big deal."

Calgary started the season losing their first two regular season games. In their third game last week, Feterik filled in for Crandell and played the entire game. With Feterik at the helm, Calgary got their first win of the season over the Ottawa Renegades. He completed 12 of 24 passes with 1 TD and 1 INT. He also ran the ball 10 times for 54 yards and scored a TD on a sweep pass back to the quarterback (ala Steve Young in the holiday bowl). Feterik caught the ball at around the 8-yard line and juked the defender to get into the end zone.

It wasn't flashy, but it was a gutsy performance that was good enough to get a win. Feterik silenced some of his critics with his play. Calgary has not yet announced the starter for tonight's game against Hamilton, but don't be surprised if Feterik gets the nod based on his last game performance.

A poll on the official Calgary Stampeders website asked which QB should get the start this week. Feterik was the leading vote-getter with 45%, compared to 37% for Crandell and 17% for Milanovich. If the poll results are any indication, it appears that Feterik has won over a number of Calgary fans based on his performance last week.

Asked what his best memory of BYU, Feterik replied: "Probably against University of Washington my senior year. It was a Thursday night game on ESPN national TV. We were down in the 4th quarter and I threw a 48-yard pass to Chris Hale with 1:20 to go. That was probably my best memory of BYU."

Feterik also mentioned the Arizona State game in 1997. There were broken plays left and he put up some big numbers scrambling around and throwing downfield.

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