Scott Collie chat transcript

Scott Collie was in the Total Blue Sports chat room again on Wedneday, talking questions from Cougar fans. Here is the chat transcript.

[jeddparkinson] OK Scott, first question: Which receivers showed the best at the Elite 11? top 5? and how did the BYU committed/offered kids do?
[ReceiverTech] RT25 had 27 receivers participate Mike Davis was unable to attend. I thought they all showed well. They identified the first day that Harrison Handley and Kevin McClean from South Beaverton OR were 2 of the top 5 with Harrison then being identified as top. He was then given a chance to compete against the selected best DB. Harrison won the battle. Hayden did well, as did Marcus Kemp.

[jeddparkinson] That leads to another subscriber question [submitted before Harrison Hadley's commit to Utah]: Do you think Handley would be better suited with weight playing TE or staying trim and playing outside? Follow-up: Is he a matchup nightmare at the next level?
[ReceiverTech] His speed was surprising. He was getting open deep. I think he looks like the WR from Notre dame a few years back that also played baseball [Jeff Samardzija].
[ReceiverTech] He can be matchup issue. He was extremely strong off the bump as he just out muscled the smaller DB's
[ReceiverTech] but then Hayden [Weichers] was able to get off as well with offline quickness
[ReceiverTech] Hayden did get ruffed up once then learned he needed to bring it and when he did the DB tackled him as he went by. Dang cheating defense.

[jeddparkinson] Next subscriber question: I noted that there was an R25 competition in SoCal, but no Collie camps. Any plans for SoCal camps in the future?
[ReceiverTech] Funny you should ask. We have had requests following the comp. Next year. In fact we see the RT25 comp growing out into other regions.

[jeddparkinson] Just saw that Brentt Eads joined - Welcome!
[Brentt_E] Hey all, had to come in and rip on, err, listen to Scott :-)
[ReceiverTech] Hello Mr. Eads . He is here to keep me honest.
[TaloSteves] Welcome Brentt!
[jeddparkinson] For those who don't know Brentt, one of the true legends in recruiting coverage.
[Brentt_E] Scott, hi, Brentt Eads here (to be transparent)... wanted to say hello.
[ReceiverTech] Brentt was the one who spotted Austin very early. But he still called him a 2 star kid.
[jeddparkinson] LOL
[TaloSteves] LOL
[ReceiverTech] Funny Brent had me a 4 star coach
[Brentt_E] I NEVER called Austin a two-star! I remember he ran a 4.5 at the Nike Camp and no one could hang with him in the one on ones!
[ReceiverTech] Just funning but really he called me a 4 star coach.
[Brentt_E] I knew Austin was a stud when I saw junior tape and he ran several kickoffs back for TDs as well as had several picks at safety. He had skills, haha.
[jeddparkinson] Scott actually sent us that same junior tape - it was clear that he was a special talent
[ReceiverTech] Brentt has been great to the Collies for a long time
[TaloSteves] LOL I think most of the scouts on the network had Austin a 3 star recruit. That evaluation just blew me away and I petitioned for Austin to be what I believed was a 4 star wide receiver.
[TaloSteves] Brentt had helped me out back in the early days. :)

[Brentt_E] Scott: I know BYU fans must be bummed, but the Handley to Utah commit is probably good for business, don't you think? Shows you have kids at BYU, Utah, Wazzou and others... thoughts?
[ReceiverTech] I wear all colors, I just love seeing kids compete
[ReceiverTech] uh oh, was that bad for business here in blue country?
[jeddparkinson] We know where your true allegiance lies...
[jeddparkinson] Your dad already told me
[Brentt_E] I think having kids go to Utah will help BYU in the long run because you'll get better talent and they'll see the examples of Austin, Zac, Dylan, etc.

[jeddparkinson] Another subscriber question: Cody Hoffman said one of his goals this year is to increase his yards after the catch, and I'm not sure but I think a while ago I heard Riley Nelson talk about the offense improving on YAC as well. What can receivers and the offense as a whole do to increase YAC?
[ReceiverTech] YAC after catch still depends on QB getting ball to WR sooner and in areas where they can run.
[ReceiverTech] Cody and Ross have the strength and size however to create, and that they will do. They will automatically be more aggressive because of the year addition of experience and confidence. They are game changers.

[jeddparkinson] Next subscriber question for Scott: What is your analysis of Joey Anderson?
[ReceiverTech] Joey Anderson. He will be very good. He has a passion to be better and is driven. He has ability to run good routes at an early age. He needs to work on his hands and he is doing that. He just presses which makes his hands tight he needs to trust his ability. He will be good.

[blueglory] Do you think that Hoffman opens things up for Apo a little?
[ReceiverTech] A tandem of solid receivers helps the entire offense. Opens running as well as eliminates the defense's ability to double anyone up. Those 2 should be unstoppable in one on one coverage.

[BYUTexan] I think they are misusing Apo like they did with Reed, Cody is more of a possession receiver and Apo is more of a deep threat and should be used that way to open things up.
[ReceiverTech] Do I understand you to say they are using Ross as a decoy for Cody?
[ReceiverTech] Mike Reed didn't get open. Sorry Mike.

[Brentt_E] Scott: maybe you've talked about it earlier, but how developed or raw is Mike Davis? Is he just a down field guy or can he do middle of field stuff too?
[ReceiverTech] Mike Davis is a talent as well. He is working on his routes and catches well. He will be good. I understand his HS team does not throw too much so he is getting work outside of the HS.

[jeddparkinson] Next subscriber question (kind of similar to one we had in a previous chat) - Your confidence level in Doman? He is purported to be changing the offense again. What is HIS offense?
[ReceiverTech] I love Coach Doman. I love what he is doing with the offense. A great coach is able to adjust to his talent and the type of talent. He has a corral of RB's and a bunch of WR. He will make it work for all of them.

[Brentt_E] What receivers at BYU in the last 5-10 years (Austin excluded) have you liked the most in overall productivity (athletic ability, routes, smarts, breaks, etc)? [ReceiverTech] I noted last time that Zac was the most underrated in the past 10 years. Regarding best over the last couple of years, I love this group now. They all can be special.
[ReceiverTech] TE's play into the question. Dennis and Andrew George.

[CMuehle] Maybe a sensitive question...but what do you think happened with McKay Jacobson? He looked so good as a freshman....
[ReceiverTech] McKay didn't have the coaching. He didn't mature because of the coaching. He caught the ball with his body, he couldn't get off the bump, he was smaller but played big as he allowed DB's to get into his chest. It was sad to see because I thought he could be great. He is doing well with Philly from what I hear. His pro day was strong. He caught everything with his hands so I am sure his agent got him some coaching.
[CMuehle] very frustrating
[blueglory] That makes me sick

[Brentt_E] QUESTION: Seems like the receivers generally haven't been as technically sound recently compared to your era and the 90's. We know you like Cahoon... are there things he's doing you're excited about and incorporating into RT?
[BlueFunk96] I know you like Cahoon, and a lot of BYU people like him - is he starting to make a name for himself among WR recruits or those who work with HS recruits yet? Is he a draw for potential recruits? If not, do you think he's someone who eventually could get to that point where WR's would be excited to come work with him? I'm talking guys who wouldn't normally consider BYU.
[ReceiverTech] If you can't get excited to play and learn from a technician then you aren't going to be very good anyway. Can you imagine being gifted with vertical speed, great hands, size, athletic ability and then on top of that you learn how to use that speed appropriately in a route. You would be unstoppable. Look what Austin does with just ok vertical speed by NFL standards. He knows how to maintain speed into the route and out and then catches everything.

[CougGolf1] If it looks like Dylan isn't going to see much PT, would you prefer he redshirt - or go ahead and play?
[ReceiverTech] I would hate to see a year exposed with limited field time. But you got to do what you gotta do for the team. The nice thing, either way he leaves for his mission at end of year. So he will need to start over when he gets back anyway.

[cmurdoch3] Had Higgins still been around would you have advised Dylan to pursue a college education elsewhere? (can I ask that? LOL)
[ReceiverTech] that is a big YES
[ReceiverTech] Although Dylan liked Higgins when Higgins took him around on the Jr Day. But yes I would have done what I could.
[CMuehle] another reason to like cahoon....
[ReceiverTech] All the coaches. Bronco has a solid Staff.
[ReceiverTech] He just appeared to be an unhappy person. How could you be unhappy working as a coach for a D-1 school?
[ReceiverTech] Ungrateful turd
[ReceiverTech] can you say that on chat?
[blueglory] LOL
[cmurdoch3] yup
[CMuehle] lol
[cmurdoch3] :)
[BlueFunk96] If the turd fits
[BlueTeach] I think you just did
[jeddparkinson] Haha. This is why we love Scott
[Brentt_E] Funny, "Ungrateful Turd" was the rock band I was in during high school
[ReceiverTech] Higgins was your mgr, thus you are here on chat. Can anyone sense my displeasure with Higgins?

[jeddparkinson] Talo, maybe you can comment on the Alisa question/comment from earlier?
[ReceiverTech] Does that mean I am getting boring? When you punt to Talo, I am doing poorly?
[jeddparkinson] Haha. Not at all – I thought we had a lull and then 4 more questions came in. Please answer those, bonus points if you can incorporate ‘turd' into an answer.

[CMuehle] What do you teach your receivers to do when the play breaks down and the QB gets forced out? Do you teach them to come back to the QB or something else?
[ReceiverTech] There are assignments generally made. Depends on coach and depends where you are on the field. If you didn't then all the TURDS would run toward the QB.
[jeddparkinson] +1
[BlueFunk96] Not sure how I feel hearing about runny turds on the football field
[CMuehle] it happens every time utah wins a big home game

[BlueFunk96] A lot of fans are concerned about Riley Nelson's ability/consistency in the passing game. Do you get a different sense from the WR's/others who have seen and worked with him over the past months?
[boodie] Not going to say names but I talked to a BYU WR and said Riley throws a horrible ball.
[ReceiverTech] Boodie you turd who said that? That WR is a turd because no WR would say anything about the starting QB for fear it gets out onto a chat with turds who would want to spread that around. What a mess. How many?
[jeddparkinson] You're approaching double digits. Very impressive, sir.
[boodie] Sorry Scott
[ReceiverTech] hahaha
[ReceiverTech] it wasn't Dylan was it?
[boodie] no
[ReceiverTech] LOL. I know it wasn't.
[blueglory] Boodie I hope you are kidding
[boodie] sorry i am not. i have a pretty good track record ask talo.
[ReceiverTech] That WR isn't playing too much then so he is bitter about a lot of things. He was probably mad Higgins left. Riley throws a great ball to catch.

[cmurdoch3] Scott, this may have already been addressed in a previous chat, but what do you expect from Brett Thompson this year?
[ReceiverTech] Brett has worked especially hard. He lost the mission weight He is a player and should contribute. He needs to be patient. Incredible competitor. I love the kid as a player
[cmurdoch3] love hearing stuff like this ^^

[Brentt_E] QUESTION: Seems the receivers lately have had problems getting off jams (I think Fla State)... getting better at it, you think?
[ReceiverTech] I think they are. Bump is an interesting challenge. It takes strength, confidence, quickness, smarts, but when you get it you should feast on it. A WR should beg for bump.

[cmurdoch3] Fellas, Dick Harmon just tweeted "Max Hall to start grad school at BYU." Be interesting if Bronco announces him as GA coach, if an opening. I had heard this rumored for a couple of weeks. Should find out soon I guess.
[jeddparkinson] We'll follow up w/ Max
[ReceiverTech] good for max
[ReceiverTech] if it is true it says he is putting NFL in his rear view mirror

[boodie] Scott did you go support chick fila today?
[ReceiverTech] Actually Rubios. What was going on with Chick fila? We just got one here local. Fam is excited.
[boodie] support the traditional family across America today
[ReceiverTech] Oops. I support traditional family.

[wickedgame] Scott: nowadays many high school football athletes are "specializing" on just one sport (many even on just one position: ie large schools) compared to years ago when most talented high school athletes not only played both ways, but other sports year you feel one is better than the other for college development?
[ReceiverTech] Regarding the multiple sport question, it is true, multi-sport athletes are difficult to find. It is primarily because these sports are becoming year round and if you don't keep up you lose out. Plus coaches of the HS and they do much to support the kids in multi sports. They make the kids choose. Basketball contributes to all sports. If a kid can play football and Bball huge. Volleyball is also a great sport that can contribute. I tell all the WR's to get to the Volleyball coach and get on the program to better their vertical.
[wickedgame] Scott, excellent answer...thanks...loved you identified which other sports you feel contribute to football athletes (at least skill position athletes)...thx man
[ReceiverTech] Sorry for the mis key strokes, the original drink is wearing off.

[zhuangzi] So it sounds like you think succeeding against man coverage is a large part coaching...Why have we sucked so bad against it...and if the answer is Higgins then why does a D1 head coach let it go on so long?
[ReceiverTech] Hmm I don't think I said that beating man is coaching. You are given basics, it becomes a personal approach and then how much you practice it. Regarding the question why wouldn't a coach fire a coach if he wasn't doing the job. Remember I am a parent and it is tough to keep parents happy. And Bronco never asked me if he should fire Higgins.

[TaloSteves] Hello Billy Green. :)
[billgreen1] Hey Talo... it's Billy's Dad. How are ya?
[TaloSteves] I'm doing fine thanks. I'm very happy that you are here joining us tonight. Let Billy know that I'll call him soon for another article. :)
[cougar] Welcome, all Greens
[blueglory] We're talking about who is going to be your son's favorite target.
[TaloSteves] You have a great son and we're all very happy he will be a part of the Cougar family.
[wickedgame] Mr Green...welcome to Billy going to be a mid year kid for us??
[billgreen1] Not sure mid year yet...
[bengalcoug] Hello Mr Green. Great to have Billy aboard
[billgreen1] Thank you! Billy is so excited to be a Coug! We are all very excited! And I promise you he is working hard!

[jeddparkinson] Wow, the hour flew by. A BIG thanks to Scott Collie as always for his time and insights. And for keeping everyone entertained in the process.
[cougar] Thanks, good stuff as always Scott.
[wickedgame] thanks scott...great info as always....
[TaloSteves] Love having you here with us Scott
[TaloSteves] Let's all thank Scott for showing up and teaching us a few things tonight guys. :)
[blueglory] Thanks Scott, that was good stuff surely not a turd.
[ReceiverTech] My pleasure love doing it
[ReceiverTech] nobody listens to me in my house any more
[ReceiverTech] looking forward to next time.
[TaloSteves] applause
[CMuehle] thanks scott
[CMuehle] very good stuff tonight i thought
[cougar] Many thanks, Scott
[ReceiverTech] You bet guys.
[ReceiverTech] Go Cougs. Go ReceiverTech. Go RT25.

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