Fall camp: day 5

The Cougars wore shells for the first time on Tuesday, and so there was a little more hitting and popping out on the field, although the team won't go full-contact until they wear full pads for Thursday's scrimmage. As it turned out, there was too much hitting on Tuesday, as things got a bit heated and Coach Mendenhall decided to teach his players a lesson.


End-of-practice scrimmages don't come much shorter than Tuesday's scrimmage. The first such scrimmage of the fall with pads, it only lasted four plays.

After a Riley Nelson pass to Zed Mendenhall and a David Foote run, the offense converted on third down with a pass to Michael Alisa. Then, on first down, Nelson completed another pass to Alisa, who was knocked down by safety Daniel Sorensen.

With the team not supposed to be hitting yet, this naturally led to a fight breaking out.

After the players were separated and the scuffle subdued, someone said something that evidently did not make Coach Mendenhall very happy. So, he gathered the whole team around them, spoke to them, and then had them take off their helmets and shoulder pads.

The team was then put through an improvised drill that had then doing a series of up-downs, jumping over a number of barriers, and then fully dunking themselves in the ice baths. After they dunked themselves, they then had to run back and repeat it all over again.

The players did this continually for a good while until they were finally done. Mendenhall described it as a teaching opportunity. The jumping in and out of the ice baths, however, did not excuse the players from having to take their normal soak in the ice water at the end of practice.


- Two BYU commits in quarterback Billy Green and wide receiver Michael Davis attended Tuesday's practice with family members.

- Wide receiver Cody Hoffman and safety Joe Sampson were once again nowhere to be seen at practice. Like he has said practically every day they've been gone, Coach Mendenhall stated that they could return for the next day's practice. Whether that finally happens or not remains to be seen, but Mendenhall reiterated that he isn't concerned about the situation.

- Offensive lineman Brock Stringham is no longer wearing a walking boot and is fully participating with the team.

- Mendenhall said after the practice that kicker Justin Sorensen was seeing a doctor on Tuesday about his back injury, but hadn't yet heard what the verdict was or when he could be cleared to play.

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