Kuresa a surprise

After observing fall camp so far, there are a few players that have really caught the eye. One such player that many might not expect is Alex Kuresa.

Alex Kuresa came from Mountain Crest High School as a 5-foot-11-inch, 160-pound gun-slinging quarterback, but that's a position he won't play this year. He's now lining up at the outside receiver position, where he was able to show coaches multiple cards in his deck of talent.

"We're seeing some new guys with some abilities to do some things," said Coach Doman. "I think Alex Kuresa is one of them that can help us in a number of ways."

It was apparent that Kuresa, a redshirt freshman, is an athlete after evaluating him in one-on-one drills. The cornerback who often lined up against him was projected starter Jordan Johnson. With a burst off the line, Kuresa was able to quickly stem Johnson and force the initiative with a few moves, giving him the upper hand in the route. In Austin and Dylan Collie-like fashion, it was like he had done this all his life.

"I just think he'll be a threat for defenses when he's on the field," said Coach Doman. "He can play x-receiver, he can play z-receiver, he could play the h, he can play tailback and he can play quarterback and he can throw it."

Given how unknown and how undervalued Kuresa was out of high school – many questioned BYU offering him because of his lack of other offers – talk about a revelation!

"When you combine all of those unique abilities and athletic qualities in one player, now you're talking about some unique challenges," said Coach Doman with a smile. "With that type of talent, you can do a lot of things that pose some unique challenges to defenses."

As far as being a wide receiver, Kuresa's ability to stop and go without losing momentum and speed is one of the unique attributes he possesses. Some of the best cover corners at BYU, who happen to be older than he is, found that out with ankle-breaking displeasure.

"He has a lot of ability to do a lot of different things," Doman said with a smile. "He's a diverse athlete who can attack you in so many different ways, and you're seeing that out here on the field."

In reflection, while many thought BYU was simply bringing in an undersized quarterback who can throw the ball everywhere, Coach Doman saw a much bigger picture based on Kuresa's potential. BYU's offensive coordinator didn't just recruit Kuresa because he could throw the ball.

"No, I saw a spectacular athlete with a ton of grit that can throw the football, so I saw an athlete and a quarterback that I wanted to coach who had the potential to do so many things," said Coach Doman. "I still want to coach him as a quarterback, but he's going on a mission. So, to waste an athlete like him this year in preparation for next season, he and I both agreed it wouldn't be the smartest thing to try and give him repetitions at quarterback this fall.

"I went to him and asked him if he wanted to try something else to get on the field. He said, ‘I do. I want to play receiver this year and some other positions on the field.' We have him now at the outside receiver position and he's doing a good job out there. He still has a ways to go but we have a little time to work with him and polish him up."

Coach Doman's ability to recognize the multiple talents of Kuresa – beyond his ability to simply sling the ball – and then possess the vision to see how those talents could be used in a wider range of ways gives more insight into exactly what kind of a recruiter, evaluator and offensive coordinator BYU has in Doman.

"I want to coach football players," Doman said with a smile. "That's flat-out it. I want to coach players that love football and are competitively great when they're needed to be great. Alex has proven that attribute over and over and over again throughout his whole life that he is great in those situations.

"On top of that he's quick and very fast. He can run a 4.5 forty and can move with lightning-fast quickness with great vision, and he's tougher than nails. If we didn't exploit those unique attributes that he has and bring them to bear on the field, we wouldn't be good coaches, so that's what we are going to do and that's what we saw in him when we recruited him out of high school."

Kuresa could end up being the fourth receiver in BYU's rotation this year, and one thing is certain: BYU fans are in for a surprise when they see exactly what kind of a multifaceted athlete they have in Alex Kuresa.

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