Fall camp: day 9

Much like they did during Friday's morning practice, the Cougars focused on blue zone work while wearing shells on Saturday. According to Coach Mendenhall, the recent emphasis on the blue zone came at the request of the offensive coaching staff. Meanwhile, Mendenhall seems to be pleased with what's been accomplished so far in fall camp.

Coach Mendenhall interview


Drive 1: Riley Nelson

It was déjà vu all over again on Saturday. Just like on Friday, the first play of the team's blue zone scrimmaging was a Riley Nelson touchdown pass to Cody Hoffman. Unlike on Friday, however, Hoffman wasn't left wide open. Instead, he made a great adjustment on an underthrown ball for the 20-yard score.

Just like with Friday, the blue zone scrimmaging wasn't so much a series of drives as it was just running play after play, regardless of turnovers and touchdowns.

So, the first-team offense stayed out on the field. Michael Alisa got a couple carries in, including a 12-yard touchdown run. Kurt Henderson also caught a 12-yard touchdown on the offense's first "drive."

Drive 2: James Lark

Lark completed a short pass to Jamaal Williams while scrambling away from pressure. Adam Hine had a few rushes, and Lark ran the ball as well, but there were no touchdowns.

Drive 3: Riley Nelson

Alisa received an option pitch from Nelson, while David Foote caught a short pass. Mitch Mathews scored a 12-yard touchdown off of a quick pass from Nelson, who also completed a pass to J.D. Falslev.

Drive 4: Jason Munns

Munns led a short drive that featured a Williams rush and an incomplete pass. On the passing play, Matt Hadley tipped a potential touchdown pass in the end zone.

Drive 5: Taysom Hill

Hill ran the ball a couple of times – once on an option play, the other on an intended passing play – while Hine also had a carry. Hill did not attempt a pass.

Drive 6: Riley Nelson

Alisa fumbled on the first carry of the drive, and Preston Hadley was able to recover the ball and could have potentially scored had coaches and players not been lined up behind the offense during blue zone work. Kaneakua Friel caught a pass for about 15 yards, while Falslev got a shot at rushing the ball.

Nelson finished the day with 6-of-7 passing for 70 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.


- BYU commit Jonryheem Peoples attended Saturday's practice with his dad.

- Kicker Justin Sorensen was out with the other kickers on Saturday, although he wasn't wearing any pads and didn't appear to attempt any kicks.

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