Fall camp: day 10

For Monday's afternoon practice, the Cougars practiced indoors while wearing shells. They focused on two-minute drills during their scrimmage, so the tempo was fast and furious.

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During the end-of-practice scrimmage, the Cougars simulated a late-game situation, with the offense having to score in the final minutes. While it was technically a two-minute drill, the offense actually only had about a minute and a half to work with, although it also had timeouts at its disposal.

Drive 1: Riley Nelson

The offense first picked up a first down after short passes to Austin Holt and then Michael Alisa. After a couple of Nelson running plays – one on an option keeper, the other on a scramble – the offense got a big play when Nelson hit Alisa on a short dump-off pass in the middle of the field. With no defenders around, Alisa turned on the jets, headed for the sideline, and sprinted downfield for about 30 yards.

The defense rallied afterward though, getting a few sacks and finally batting down a jump ball in the end zone at the buzzer. It appeared that Kyle Van Noy accounted for one of the sacks.

Drive 2: James Lark

Lark started off with consecutive completions to Kurt Henderson for approximately a combined 14 yards. He also hit David Foote for 9 yards, Iona Pritchard for 4 yards, and Kaneakua Friel for about 4 yards. In addition, Lark had a 5-yard rush. The drive ended when Austen Jorgensen batted down a pass at the line of scrimmage.

Drive 3: Riley Nelson

Cody Hoffman and J.D. Falslev were the heroes of the third drive. Nelson hit Hoffman for 9 yards, Falslev for about 14 yards, and then Hoffman again for 5 yards. Following consecutive drops by Pritchard, the offense kicked into high gear.

First, there was a beautiful catch and throw to Hoffman 25 yards downfield. On the play, Hoffman was well-covered, but Nelson put the ball in a tight window, and Hoffman was just able to catch the pass by the sideline with his feet in bounds. Then, on the following play, Nelson hit Falslev for a 20-yard touchdown.

Drive 4: Taysom Hill

Hill's drive didn't go smoothly. Following a sack on the first play, he completed a short pass to Michael Edmunds. Hill then scrambled for a first down, but following an incompletion, he was picked off downfield by Skye PoVey.

Drive 5: Riley Nelson

The offense went four-and-out on the final drive, with Nelson completing only one of his four passes. The lone completion was a short pass to Marcus Mathews. Monday was Mathews' first action since missing a number of practices last week with a reportedly serious illness.

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