Fall camp: day 12

With fall camp starting to wind down, the Cougars will hold their final full-padded scrimmage on Thursday. As for Wednesday, the Cougars were outdoors in shells for their morning practice, and the offense was able to come away with a couple touchdowns.

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Drive 1: Riley Nelson

The offense came out strong on Wednesday, with Nelson hitting Alex Kuresa for a 60-yard touchdown on the first play. The redshirt freshman receiver was able to get behind the secondary for the score.

Nelson and company stayed on the field and continued going against the defense. David Foote and Iona Pritchard each got option pitches, Nelson scrambled for three yards, and Dylan Collie caught a pass for about 9 yards. The offense didn't get another score on the drive, however.

Drive 2: James Lark

Lark struggled during his lone drive. Adam Hine started off with a carry, and Lark scrambled on the following play. Then, DeQuan Everett dropped what would have been an easy interception. A couple plays later, Lark wasn't so fortunate when Mike Hague intercepted his pass deep downfield.

Drive 3: Riley Nelson

Following a carry by Foote, Nelson's deep pass to Cody Hoffman was incomplete, although Jordan Johnson was flagged for pass interference on the play. Nelson then threw a pass to Marcus Mathews downfield, with the ball appearing to just come off the junior tight end's fingertips for another incompletion.

After a pass to J.D. Falslev for no gain and another incompletion, the drive ended. Nelson finished the day with 3-of-4 passing for 70 yards.

Drive 4: Taysom Hill

Hill began by hitting Kurt Henderson for about 21 yards. After a quarterback keeper, he then hit Terenn Houk for about 12 yards. He then hit Brett Thompson for a 35-yard touchdown.

The final play of the day was an incompletion. Hill finished 3-of-4 for 68 yards.


- With the Cougars holding a scrimmage on Thursday, they opted to have their Thursday's Heroes program after Wednesday's practice. Afterwards the team then went and did conditioning drills. Once those were done, Coach Mendenhall went back over to the Thursday's Heroes guests and sat down on the ground next to the guest of honor, a young man in a wheelchair. The Cougar head coach then visited with him for a while.

- A group of boys, mostly Mendenhall's sons, held a race after practice to see who could run down the field and jump into the ice baths first. The team, which had just wrapped up conditioning drills, cheered them on. Mendenhall opted to not join his sons.

- Running back Jamaal Williams, after rolling his ankle on Tuesday, was back out on the practice field Wednesday morning. He was suited up, and his ankle was wrapped in an ace bandage, but he did not participate in the end-of-practice scrimmage.

- Dylan Collie fielded punts during the scrimmage.

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