Max Hall's influence felt

What would it be like if BYU had two quarterback coaches with college and NFL training and experience? Well, that's exactly what BYU has now that former BYU Cougar quarterback Max Hall has teamed up with Coach Doman as a student assistant.

Now is a great time to be a quarterback at BYU. Quarterback coach and offensive coordinator Brandon Doman was groomed by former legendary BYU coach LaVell Edwards, and then played in the NFL with the 49ers for a few years prior to playing for the Buffalo Bills. Now, Doman has team up with former Cougar quarterback Max Hall, who played for the Arizona Cardinals.

"It's just mainly the quarterbacks [that I work with] and I help out Coach Doman as much as I can," said Hall. "You know, try and help out in any way that I can. I'm also out here to learn and learn how to be a coach to see if I like it or not and see if it's something that I want to do. It's good for me and it's good for BYU to have me out here, so it works good both ways."

The tandem of Hall and Doman makes for a quite the quarterback-developing team.

"We have a great relationship, and Coach Doman and I have been really close since I've been here," Hall said with a smile. "We're really similar in many ways in how we think and how we act and say. I've learned a lot from him because I was a student under him. I understand what he's trying to do and understand what he's trying to accomplish."

Halls is actually over-qualified for his position. His accomplishments as a former starting quarterback propelled him to the top of BYU's quarterback list as the most winningest one in Cougar history. That's a big accomplishment given that this is "Quarterback U."

"Yeah, it's kind of a unique position," said Hall about his role with the team. "It's not a G.A. [grad assistant] thing but more of a student-coach thing, and so I'll be back in school taking classes and finishing up my degree. I'll be able to come out and help Coach and pretty much be acting like a G.A.

"There's a little bit more freedom to act like a coach rather than a G.A., which is nice. There's not as many rules that come with being a student coach as there are with being a G.A. I can be out on the field on game day. I can be out at practice as much as I want. I'm not as sure about [it but] I think with a G.A. there are some limitations as far as what you can do and where you can be out at practices and stuff. In this way I can act more like a coach and help out with everything. So, that's the plan and I'm here right now knowing that I could get a call and could be back in the NFL. If that doesn't happen, I'll be excited to be here helping out with what I can."

Having played in the NFL, Hall brings multiple levels of experience and training to BYU's quarterback development.

"I think the biggest thing is that I've been playing the last couple of years in the NFL," said Hall. "I've been around football and it really hasn't been that long since I left here, so I'm familiar with what they're doing offensively. I know what their reads are and what the quarterbacks should be doing, and then I can add things that I think will be beneficial and help Riley [Nelson] and those guys out.

"I think mainly it's just my experience in playing and being in the NFL and that part of it, and then I'm learning how to translate that into coaching. It's hard and you look at it at a different way. When you're a player, especially when I was here, you don't really worry about the other guy so much, and now that you're a coach you worry about all of them and how many reps they're getting. I really like it and think it's something that I may enjoy."

Not only is Hall out on the practice field, but he's also involved with the quarterbacks in the film room. The addition of Hall allows Coach Doman more freedom to attend to other areas of his offense if needed.

"You're helping with the schemes and helping to correct the quarterbacks," Hall said. "As far as the film room goes, I'll be in there and if Coach Doman wants to leave and go talk to the receivers, he can leave me in there to run it. It's kind of a good deal for Coach Doman to have more freedom to do other things, knowing I can take care of the quarterbacks."

"For Coach Doman it's just having two Coach Domans out there. I know the reads they're supposed to make, the footwork they're supposed to have, and it's just another set of eyes to help him do it. We should be able to help Riley have a great senior year as well as help develop the rest in the quarterback group."

Hall is also currently finishing up his degree at BYU. The question on most BYU fans' minds is what Hall's involvement with BYU will be following his time as a student coach.

"I don't know and it just all depends," said Hall with a smile. "I'll be done, hopefully, with school in two semesters and then be graduated. If this is something I want to do, hopefully I can get a job doing it somewhere and I don't have to go and be a G.A. and do that. I don't know, we'll see what happens."

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