Hine showing flashes of what's to come

The last game of football Adam Hine played in was as a high school senior during the 2008 season, when he was the No. 25 running back recruit nationally. Since then, Cougar fans have dreamed for years of seeing Hine run roughshod through and around defenses. During Thursday's scrimmage at LaVell Edwards Stadium, Hine gave those in attendance a taste of what's to come.

It's been a few years since BYU's had a running back that, when the middle of the line closes up, could instantly bounce to the outside, get to the edge and turn up field quicker than pursuing linebackers. Time and time again, running back Adam Hine did just that during Thursday's scrimmage.

"Running the ball is becoming more natural to me, but that's the thing – it's still quite a long process for me," Hine said with a smile. "The confidence is coming more and more to me, and, you know, the best thing that I like is that I have guys that I can really rely on. I know they're going to do their responsibilities, I just need to do mine."

The redshirt freshman has made advancements in key areas that have allowed him to make the jump from being someone with estimated potential to someone now showing it on the field.

"I think my legs are feeling a little better since last year and coming home from my mission," said Hine. "I would have to say that's the second thing that's made a difference for me. The first thing that has made a difference for me this year is my understanding of the playbook."

And therein lies the key to Hine's quick and decisive performance. No longer is he thinking about what to do. Instead, things are coming naturally to him now, which means no hesitation, whether between the tackles or on a sweep to the outside.

"Whatever the coach calls, I just feel like I need to make it happen," Hine said.

And make it happen he did on Thursday. Hine's performance weaving in and out of traffic, as he burst through the offensive line, was a display of what's to come for the future Cougar backfield.

"The more repetitions that I've received, the more success I've had running the ball," Hine said. "The more success I have, the more confidence I gain. It's kind of been a progressive thing for me where success is breading success for me. So when you combine that with all the things that I've been blessed with physically, the more confidence I'm gaining. It's a process but I'm excited to see what's happening."

Chewing up yards of sod like a human mulch machine, Hine's blend of talents are a little divergent from what Cougar fans are used to seeing from BYU's backfield. He's becoming a smooth speed back that, on several occasions, broke off large runs in every way possible during Thursday's scrimmage.

"I think what I bring to the field is what the players expect of me," Hine said, deflecting the attention from him as quickly as he evades pursuing linebackers. "What they're saying to me and what they're expecting of me makes me want to come out and do exactly that. What I bring to the field is exactly what the players want."

In order to see the field as a Cougar running back, three pillars of criteria must be met. First one must able to run the ball successfully. Second, one must be able to help protect the quarterback in the blocking scheme, and finally, one must be able to be a part of the passing game.

While Hine enjoyed quite a bit of success during Thursday's full-padded scrimmage, he does admit he still has some work to do.

"I know I had a couple of fumbles and a few missed blocking assignments that I messed up on," Hine humbly admitted. "I think with more repetitions that I receive, those things will get cleaned up and I'll be a lot better."

Yes he will. And BYU fans will be excited to know they have a diverse, speedy running back that will be running through and around defenses coming up on the near horizon.

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