TBS collaborates with Cougar Sports Radio

The Cougar Sports team of Alema Harrington and Ben Criddle, with their new radio program focusing exclusively on BYU, have joined up with Total Blue Sports for hard-hitting coverage for rabid BYU fans.

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For almost a decade now, the staff at Total Blue Sports has been dedicated to connecting the most rabid of BYU Cougar fans to the college football team they cheer and love through new media. Now Total Blue Sports is teaming up with a new radio show on KOVO 960 AM designed specifically for those same rabid BYU fans. It's a natural fit.

The show is called Cougar Sports, and is hosted by former Cougar running back Alema Harrington, while former Cougar cornerback Ben Criddle serves as co-host. It airs Monday through Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The coverage, however, won't just stop with the weekly show.

"We'll also be doing pre- and post-game shows for football," Criddle said. "It will be an annual event on our show. We'll also be covering basketball and some of the Olympic sports as well. We'll be touching upon women's soccer, rugby, men's and women's volleyball. When there is a story, we want to break it to you over the radio. If it's pertinent, we'll broadcast it. That's the main purpose of the show."

The show looks to inform, educate and feed the beast that is the BYU fan base.

"We want to have current player interviews as well as former player interviews," Criddle said. "We want to have people from the administration come on the air, people like Tom Holmoe and Mark Atuaia come on and give insight to us."

With nearly a decade of new media success, and with the longest running magazine covering BYU athletics in the history of the university, Total Blue Sports will team up to contribute on the air with the crew of Cougar Sports radio.

"One of the things that we are going to be covering is recruiting, updates on practices and general team discussions, so one of the things we want to have is Total Blue Sports on to talk about those things," said Criddle. "We want to discuss recruiting and get insight into who the coaching staff is bringing in and so forth. It's a BYU-centric show focusing on everything that is Cougardom, so we feel that collaborating in that regards just makes sense."

While Cougar Sports radio is a new production with limited broadcasting range, there is an effort being made to broaden their reach.

"We are currently building new facilities, and that will be done in October, and at that time we'll be able to stream the show," Criddle said. "We are working on other alternatives so that everybody here in Utah, and also any Cougar fans around the nation, can tune into us. Whether it's through an internet medium or radio, we want to get out the show such as on Totalbluesports.com or on our own website. It's still a work in progress and we just recently launched the show."

The feedback from BYU fans so far has been positive and very supportive.

"It's catching on really quickly right now and people are loving what they hear," Criddle said. "We do some spotlighting on specific players and really delve into the intricacies of the game. There's a lot of people who care about what's going on with BYU sports and we want to give that to them. I think everyone will enjoy what we're divulging."

Total Blue Sports and the vision of the Cougar Sports team of Ben Criddle and Alema Harrington are a logical and natural fit.

"The guys at Total Blue Sports have been attending practices, doing evaluations, reports and things like that for a long time. When there is media availability, you're going to be there," Criddle said. "Oftentimes it will be difficult for Alema and I to be there to get a feel for what's going on, so it just seems makes sense to have [Total Blue Sports] be the eyes and ears many times when we can't be there to evaluate.

"Also, it's good to get more than one perspective because not everyone sees the same things, so by having [Total Blue Sports] on, it gives us multiple eyes and ears and a different connection to BYU's practice to give Cougars fans the best coverage as possible."

For nearly a decade, the staff at Total Blue Sports has made it their mission to not only create a BYU-centric outlet by connecting Cougar fans to BYU with the utilization of new media. With that purpose in mind, Total Blue Sports has also highlighted Brigham Young University, its football and basketball programs, players and coaching staffs in a way that brings attention to that which is unique about BYU. The Cougar Blue team seeks a similar objective through the medium of radio.

"It's all about expounding on not only the mission of Brigham Young University, but teaching fans what it means to be a flag-bearer of the program," Criddle said. "We want people to understand what the coaches are going through and what the players are going through and give perspective. We feel that this is one of the better platforms to do that, and we feel that TBS has done a great job of accomplishing that as well. So, it just makes sense to us to have that affiliation on all platforms to accomplish a common goal."

So get excited BYU fans! The team of Cougar Sports and Total Blue Sports will bring their expertise to bear in an effort to satisfy a long overdue need in the state of Utah and beyond.

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