Cougars offer Frisco kid

The BYU coaching staff is preparing for the future. The Cougars' 2013 schedule, and beyond, pits BYU against some of the nation's top programs. Having to replace a number of senior defensive backs after this season, the coaching staff has offered a cornerback from the junior college ranks in San Francisco.

His name is Trenton Trammell and he's currently enrolled at City College of San Francisco.

"I come in at around 5'11", 180 pounds and I run a 4.5 or 4.4," said Trammell. "I had two interceptions last year and 17 pass breakups and, I believe, 24 tackles. My bench max is 255 and my squat is 365. I'm not that big of a guy but I try to do what I can in the weight room.

"I play cornerback and our coaches here take pride in our DBs. He loves to leave us on an island and has a lot of confidence in us to put a lot of pressure on the corners to man-up one-on-one with them. I'm more of a field corner."

As of now, Trammell has two scholarship offers, one from BYU and the other from Utah.

"I'm also interested in Kansas State and they've been down and said they were interested, but I haven't heard anything else from them since then," he said.

What is it about Trammell that helped him receive a Cougar scholarship offer?

"They like my character and I have good grades," he said. "I'm an early December grad and as far as being there and staying focused, it won't be a problem. I'm not LDS or anything, but I have LDS neighbors that I've been really close with for 13 or 14 years of my life. So, I'm really familiar with the LDS faith. I know about BYU's moral code and I don't smoke, drink and do all that other stuff, so it wouldn't be a problem for me playing at BYU."

Coach Nick Howell has done a great job in recruiting Trammell while establishing a good relationship with him over the past year.

"I have a good relationship with Coach Howell," said Trammell. "He was out here and started talking to me last year before the state game. I have a really good relationship with him and like him as a coach. He's a really good dude."

Meanwhile, Trammell likes Utah's defense.

"I like how Utah leaves their corners out in a man-press defense," he said. "It's more like what we play here at my J.C. with the man coverage. I like the system they run there. I like to play more challenging and be more aggressive with the receivers.

"BYU plays more of a soft coverage with their defensive secondary. If you have a good offensive coordinator and a quarterback who knows what they're doing, it's easier to beat."

While man coverage and man-zone coverage both have their pros and cons, Coach Howell will have to communicate to Trammell his case as to why BYU's system is a good fit. Trammell said that Utah holds a slight lead because of its defensive scheme.

"I already took an unofficial visit to BYU over the summer, and I've yet to go up to Utah. I am excited about what they have to offer."

However, BYU does hold a slight lead over Utah when it comes to the odds of contributing sooner.

"The thing about BYU is they have some guys that will be graduating after this year," said Trammell. "BYU said that I would be one of those guys competing for a starting chance right away because they have, I think, four seniors leaving after this year. They have a lot of young guys there but they might not be ready yet, so I could come in right away and make an impact."

BYU will actually lose five Cougar defensive backs after this season: Mike Hague, Robbie Buckner, Preston Hadley, DeQuann Everett and Joe Sampson.

While Utah is in the Pac-12, BYU plays more of a national schedule. If Trammell chose BYU, he would face teams such as Wisconsin, Texas, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Boise State, Southern Miss, and possibly Nebraska in 2015 if he were to redshirt.

"BYU is interesting to me too because I like how they play a national schedule over the next couple of years," Trammell said. "They have a tough schedule coming up over the next few year and I really like the level of competition."

Over this past summer, Trammell and his father travelled to Provo, Utah to get a better understanding of what BYU is truly about. The visit opened his eyes.

"It was different than what I was expecting and a lot different than home here in Oakland, California," said Trammell. "It was a lot different than expected because I had always heard from people joking, saying that everyone walks around with Bibles up there. It was a lot different and really a nice area."

Trammell's Amish perception of BYU was quickly put to rest. The local community and those who attend BYU don't commute to class or work in a horse and buggy.

"Yeah, being up there was a lot different than what I thought," said Trammell with a laugh. "BYU stacks up really well actually. It's a little different than Oakland and so I'm sure it will take a little getting used to, but everyone was really nice and I like it up there."

While on BYU's campus, Trammell spoke with a few players on the team. One was senior safety Joe Sampson.

"I know Joe Sampson really well and he played out at San Mateo ... He said he really likes it a lot out there and chose BYU over Utah."

There are a few more areas where BYU might hold a bit of an edge in securing Trammell's services.

"Obviously the education aspect of the school is very important to me," said Trammell. "I want to major in business and so I'm looking for a school with a good business department. I know BYU has one of the best business schools in the country.

Also, as was mentioned earlier, BYU holds the edge when it comes to being able to compete for early playing time.

"I also want to come in and compete as soon as I can for a starting spot," Trammell said. "I only have two or three years to get going, so I want to come in and make sure I can have a chance to start right away. Utah recruited a lot of corners and even started a true freshman last year and he's coming back this year. So, it's kind of a tough mixture right now. With BYU, I can come in and play right away, and they have one of the top business schools in the country. So, BYU is leading in those categories."

As for right now, Trammell is taking it slow and steady.

"Yeah, it's a big decision and I've been talking it over with my family and just not rushing it," Trammell said. "I want to go up to Utah and see what they have to offer as far as their campus goes, but my parents actually really like BYU. My father went with me up to BYU with me on my unofficial. He really liked it."

What was it about BYU that his father liked?

"He really liked the education that BYU provides," said Trammell. "He really liked that about the school and how they take care of their athletes. They really take care of their athletes and provide a lot of resources to help their athletes. He really liked that."

As a mid-year transfer, Trammell will make a decision sometime during the middle of the season this year.

"I'm just going to wait it out a bit and see what happens," Trammell said. "I'll probably make a decision by midseason and sometime before December."

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