Ashworth stars on star-studded team as a sophomore

If his outstanding play as a high school sophomore and performance during a recent BYU summer camp are any indication, college recruiters will be clamoring for the services of <b>Luke Ashworth</b>. He was a standout on a star-studded team last year that included <b>Brian</b> and <b>Justin Soi, Dallas</b> and <b>Matt Reynolds</b> and <b>Justin Johnson</b>.

Ashworth, quite simply, is considered one of the top skill position players in Utah. At 6-2 and 195 pounds, the Timpview High recorded 10 sacks playing alongside a national recruit like Brian Soi. His coaches adapted and changed their defense to capitalize on his athletic skills.

Ashworth is now hard at work under the tutelage of weight lifting specialist and mentor Ray Weber.

"Right now my bench is around 265 and I squat around 430."

Last year, Timpview coaches used Ashworth in various positions on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. This year, head coach Van Orden plans to use Ashworth's skills in more specific roles.

"I want to either play wide receiver or safety in college," said Ashworth.

During the recent BYU camp, Ashworth made what was probably the most impressive catch of two weeks of camp. Beating his defender off the line, a speeding Ashworth turned to find a Jacob Bower bomb that appeared to be overthrown. He turned on the jets to make the reception at full speed just a few feet from a tree it seemed apparent he was got to run into.

"I thought (Bower) he was good. He's just a leader. You can tell by his composure. He's a big guy and you can tell he is just a player. I thought he had good skills, but didn't get a chance to see him play a whole lot."

Ashworth said he was also impressed with wide receiver prospect Spencer Hafoka: "I thought he was good. He's quick and got good feet. He's got really good hands."

During the BYU camp, Ashworth ran a 4.6 forty flat, but felt he could have done better.

"I had to run it bare footed because we were supposed to bring shoes with spikes. I didn't have good shoes on so I ran it bare footed. I thought I could have done better. I ran a 4.5 a week before the BYU camp with spikes on. One of the track coaches timed me"

From his performance as a sophomore on a star-laden varsity team, Ashworth has received early recruiting attention from BYU and PAC-10 schools.

"I got letters from Washington and Oregon. I've also received a few letters from BYU."

Ashworth added he plans to serve an LDS mission. Asked if he would sign with BYU if offered, he responded without hesitation. "Oh yeah."

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