Paul Kruger: A Super Recruit with Multiple Options

Rare is the high school athlete who is a legitimate Division 1 football recruit at three positions with totally different skill sets. <B>Paul Kruger</b> from Timpanogos High School in Orem, Utah, is such a gem and he lives a proverbial stone's throw away from BYU's campus.

At 6-5, 240-pounds with 4.8 forty speed, Kruger has already been offered scholarships by Utah and Oregon State and is actively recruited by many schools including BYU. He is the starting quarterback on one of Utah's strongest football programs, but is equally adept at playing tight end and defensive end.

"Paul could play any one of three positions at the next level. He's a great quarterback, but could also fill the bill at tight end or defensive end," says his coach Kevin Curtis.

And which position does Kruger favor? "I don't really have a preference. I just want to play for the school where I feel I can most likely succeed. It doesn't really matter which position I play, I just want to play where I can contribute most."

"Sure, I'd like to play quarterback, but I'd be just as happy playing tight end or defensive end. I'd probably prefer playing tight end at this point, but it seriously doesn't matter that much.," Kruger added.

Curtis, an assistant coach at Timpanogos, said they intend to showcase Kruger's abilities at defensive end this season. "We've always had Paul play DE during practice and he simply can't be blocked. We've put off playing him much at DE due to his responsibilities at QB, but we're going to give him a chance to show what he can do at DE this season. He'll also really be able to help us there."

Kruger will join other BYU recruits Isley Filiaga and Thor Pili in forming one of the more daunting defensive lines in Utah prep football this season.

"I'm really excited. Isley and Thor are complete studs and it will be a blast to play DL with them. I really want to do well this season. We have a great team coming back and should be able to go far," he said.

Curtis said: "We just sent Oregon State a tape and they offered him on the tape alone."

Kruger noted that Utah has recruited him more aggressively than any other school. "They've been after me harder than anyone. They really want me to play quarterback there. Coach Meyer is great, I like what he has to say."

Although Kruger admits to growing up a BYU fan, he declined to say if he would sign with BYU if they offered.

"Of course I'd love to play for BYU, but they're not my only choice if they offer. I mean, Utah has been really good to me and have a lot to offer as well. I'll just wait and see what my options are when all of them have come in and go from there."

If BYU offers, it's unlikely it will be as a quarterback. "I spent a lot of time at BYU's camp playing tight end so I could show them what I could do at that position. Like I said, if BYU wants me as a tight end or defensive end, then that's fine. I won't make my decision based on which position is offered me."

Kruger recently attended tryouts for the Elite 11 Quarterback camp in Las Vegas, but did not make the final selection roster.

"I'm just focusing on the upcoming season right now. Two-a-days start in the next couple of weeks and that's all I'm thinking about right now."

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