Brothers cheer for separate teams

When BYU played Washington State last Thursday, there was a little family rivalry that occurred in the Laufasa family. Darrin Laufasa has verbally committed to BYU, but the Bothell High School running back has two older brothers that currently play for Washington State.

In the state of Washington, the Laufasa family got together to watch BYU and Washington State open the season against each other.

"Yeah, that was pretty exciting to see BYU play against Wazzu," Laufasa said. "It was definitely great to see them play well too! We were sitting in the living room watching the game and it was kind of funny. When BYU made a good play, my dad started cheering, having forgotten that my brothers play for the other team. But then when they would make a good play he would start cheering for Wazzu too, so it was kind of funny watching him cheer back and forth. It was a good game."

Darrin's two older brothers Jeremiah and Corey both play for Mike Leach at Washington State, so the Laufasa family has interest in both schools, which makes the situation quite interesting.

"Well, shoot, both of my brothers play for Wazzu so I wanted them to do well, but at the same time I was really happy that BYU beat them," said Laufasa with a slight laugh in his voice. "[Corey] plays outside linebacker and he's a senior. [Jeremiah] plays running back and he's a freshman this year and is redshirting. I was happy to see BYU do really well for the first game of the season. That's where I'm going to end up, so it's good to see the program do well."

Naturally, there was a bit of a family rivalry going on.

"I talked to the younger of the two [Jeremiah] at Wazzu for a little bit and he wasn't at the game, so I was talking to him a little bit during the game," said Laufasa. "He was talking a little smack and all that, saying how Wazzu was going to beat BYU."

BYU ended up winning 30-6. Afterwards, Laufasa called up Jeremiah to give him a little brotherly ribbing.

"I wasn't talking too much smack because he was really upset that Wazzu lost. I didn't want to rub it in too much, but he knows. It was a good game."

BYU managed 426 yards of total offense against Washington State. The way in which the Cougars from Provo executed their offense in an aggressive manner impressed Laufasa the most.

"They came out in that first game and just really punched Wazzu in the mouth first. A lot of teams start out slow, and that's usually a problem for that first game, but BYU just came out and punched them in the mouth and scored a touchdown right off the bat. That was a good thing and I really liked seeing that."

After BYU's game on Thursday, Laufasa had a game of his own the following day against Skyline High School, which features the number one quarterback in the country in Max Browne.

"It came down to the fourth quarter and we had the lead but we just couldn't finish," Laufasa said. "I think they were more conditioned than we were and we made more mental mistakes."

Bothell lost to Skyline 33-21. Laufasa didn't play as much as he would have liked to due to a sore knee.

"I had to sit out a week of practice because I had tendinitis in my right knee," Laufasa said. "My coach sat me out a week, and so last week was my first week back. I just kind of took it slow for my first game. I think my coach wanted to save me for Bellevue next week."

Despite limited reps, Laufasa actually performed rather well.

"I got five carries in the game for 50 yards, so I did alright, but it was kind of frustrating sitting out especially when we are preparing for a big game like that. It will be good to see how our team comes back from this loss to see how we play this week. Hopefully it doesn't affect us."

So how does his knee feel now?

"Yeah, I feel 100 percent now," Laufasa said. "It will be good to come back healthy and get ready for Bellevue this week and compete at a high level. I'm anxious to see how our team responds after the loss to Skyline, but I'll be running hard as usual and hope we can pull out the win. I know I'm going to do all that I can to make that happen."

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