Fakailoatonga has a new favorite

He felt pressured to commit to Utah early. However, since that time, Cottonwood High School tight end Siale Fakailoatonga has had a change of heart and is now looking more out west. He has a new favorite college that tops his list.

Last week against Davis High School, highly talented Cottonwood High School was depleted of much of its talent due to injury. Many of the star players were out, including starting tight end Siale Fakailoatonga.

"We had some sophomores starting at wide receiver, and a lot of starters out for our game," said Fakailoatonga. "I was out, Lowell Falemaka, our right tackle, wasn't playing because he got some concussions, and Inoke [Lotulelei] was out because of his shoulder.

"Then we had Niva [Kinikini], who was out because of his shoulder. Then we had Alex Walton who was out and he's one of our receivers. Alex runs track and had been out all summer because of concussions or something like that, so he should be back for the next game.

"We weren't really bad and had a lot of opportunities, but we just couldn't execute because our receivers didn't play as well and we lost to Davis 12 to 23. On the offensive line we had some guys that didn't really know what they were doing. Once we get everybody back we'll be good and start winning."

Lotulelei had shoulder surgery last year, and missed the Davis game because of shoulder pain.

"I think he landed on it and hurt it again. It's the same thing for Niva [Kinikini]. He hurt it at UCLA and I think it's still bothering him."

Fakailoatonga, meanwhile, has had to deal with his own injury issues.

"Yeah, I tore my meniscus and so I didn't play because the doctor told me not to, so I was following doctor's orders basically," said Fakailoatonga. "My knee has been healing up really good but my doctor doesn't want me to tear my knee up again, so I'm just doing what he tells me right now.

Everyone is expected back soon.

"We should be back against Bingham," said Fakailoatonga. "That game will be on September 14th, but this upcoming game I'm going to try and get in because it will be on ESPN. I'll just try and come in for a few plays if I can."

So what is the current recruiting situation with Fakailoatonga?

"It's just the same old, I guess," he said. "I haven't really talked to the Utah coaches in a while though, but I have been talking a lot to the UCLA coaches. I guess they can call at least once a week now, so I've been talking a lot to them."

Coach Tuiasasopo of UCLA has been the one in charge of recruiting Fakailoatonga.

"They're just checking up on me and seeing how my knee is doing," said Fakailoatonga. "My mom wants me to go there now and I'm thinking I might want to go there now. I took an unofficial visit there and really liked how there was a lot of stuff going on there. That's the kind of college experience I want to have.

"My mom wants me to do it as soon as possible, even before signing day. She wants me to do it as soon as possible, but I'm just going with the flow right now. I guess we'll see. It's a big decision."

As of right now, UCLA is Fakailoatonga's top choice. Much like with Utah, Fakailoatonga doesn't hear much from BYU anymore despite having received a Cougar offer.

"I think they gave up on me, said Fakailoatonga. "They used to message me on Facebook almost every week but, now I don't even hear from them."

Meanwhile, Lotulelei has committed to BYU despite having originally committed to UCLA.

"Yeah, he committed to UCLA but then BYU came in and offered him, so he decided to commit to BYU after he was offered a scholarship," said Fakailoatonga. "Playing at BYU has been a long childhood dream of his, so when he got the offer he decided to commit there. He's excited to go to BYU."

Lotulelei hasn't pressured Fakailoatonga into taking another look at BYU.

"He doesn't want to pressure me to commit to a place that I'm not for sure interested in. We haven't really talked a lot about that. I guess we should pay more attention to stuff like that, but we don't really talk about that too much."

Fakailoatonga doesn't have any plans on serving a mission at this time.

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