Orphey impressed with BYU defense

One BYU recruit that was able to watch last Thursday's season-opening win over Washington State was Santa Ana College cornerback Davion Orphey, who, at one time, had question marks about BYU's defense. After seeing the dominant performance, things have changed a lot in his mind.

Santa Ana played Bakersfield College this past weekend. While BYU cornerback recruit Davion Orphey did well, Santa Ana wasn't able to come away with the victory.

"It was pretty good but we didn't get the win," Orphey said. "We didn't get the win. We started off pretty good on defense making a couple of stops. Our offense just couldn't get it going and unfortunately we didn't come out with the win.

"I did pretty good though and had a couple of tackles. We lost 36-19. They didn't really throw my way much but I did have a blown coverage one play. I thought I had safety help and they went deep on me. At the last minute they called man and I wasn't sure, so the receiver got behind."

Meanwhile, Orphey is still going through the recruiting process.

"Recruiting is going fine and I'll be taking my trip to Utah this month actually," Orphey said. "I got offered by San Jose State recently about a month ago. That's my most recent offer, so now I have San Jose State, BYU, Utah, New Mexico State, Mississippi State, Boise State and Utah State."

He watched BYU put on a show against Washington State last Thursday.

"Yeah, I got a chance to watch the BYU game and things changed a lot in my head about them," said Orphey. "I really liked their defense and have a lot to think about. I mean, they looked really good and I loved the way they get after the ball. They're really talented on defense and aggressive. That defense is something I'd love to be a part of. Things have changed a lot because I didn't know what to expect about BYU's defense. I didn't really know much about BYU, but after seeing that, things changed a lot."

What was the most impressive aspect about BYU's defense?

"Probably just how everyone was able to hold their own," Orphey said. "Everyone played aggressive and even linebackers were getting interceptions. It wasn't just safeties and corners making plays in the backfield, but linebackers. I mean, everyone was getting after the ball and I really like that."

Orphey has already been out to BYU for an official visit. His hosts were cornerbacks Preston Hadley and Jordan Johnson. Both played very well against Mike Leach's air raid offense.

"Jordan's interception was nice and he's my boy, man. Seeing him make that interception really helped me change my mind a lot. He's one reason why I would go up there because he made me feel comfortable, like one of my brothers. Seeing him get that pick, man, I was happy for him. I text message Jordan a lot.

"With Preston, I've always been impressed with him. I've seen videos of him from last year and when I was out there I liked how he played in one-on-ones. I mean, they're all good players, especially Preston Hadley and Jordan Johnson. I really like those guys both."

Johnson returned his interception 64 yards, which wasn't far enough for some.

"I thought he was going to score, man," said Orphey. "I was hoping he was going to score, but he got caught at the end there and brought down. I'm going to have to text him and let him know that he needs to run a few more wind sprints."

Seeing BYU's style of play on defense helped to alleviate some of the questions Orphey had concerning BYU's defense.

"It really helped me a lot," he said. "I'm really excited about the whole BYU thing. Seeing them play on ESPN and seeing how well they play really helped me. I'm just ready to make my decision. I mean, I'm ready for the season to be over so I can make my decision."

The fact that BYU plays great defense in games against tough opponents that will be televised live nationwide adds to his opinion of BYU.

"It's nice especially when they're playing good like that," Orphey said. "I could possibly be at that school and I had that thought in my mind. It was nice seeing them on TV and winning like they did. It really helped me a lot."

In future seasons, BYU will play opponents such as Boise State, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Utah, Texas, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Nebraska and Southern Mississippi.

"That's one of the positives that I've thought about," Orphey said. "I love the fact that they have a big-time schedule that's televised. I would love to play against Nebraska, and that stands out a lot to me. The fact that BYU can play anyone really stands out to me and I like that a lot."

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