Flowers watches Cougar clinic

In the state of Texas, Judson High School safety Tre Flowers was able to watch BYU's 30-6 victory over Washington State last Thursday. He was able to watch one defensive performer – whom he considers a friend – put on a show, but was a little disappointed that he didn't reach the end zone on one particular play.

Last Saturday, BYU recruit Tre Flowers faced one of the toughest high school teams in the state of Texas, if not the country.

"We played one of the best teams in the nation and it was a good learning experience," Flowers said. "We played Lake Travis and we didn't really do too well. We kind of beat ourselves. We were down in the red zone four times and we didn't get any points out of it."

Flowers played both offense and defense during Judson's tough 47-13 loss.

"Yeah, I played both ways, but I don't know what it was," he said. "We changed up our whole offense and it was a repetition thing I guess. On defense I did really good and they didn't really throw at me at all, but on offense it was tough because they had two guys covering me. I couldn't really do anything. They knew all the routes and everything, so it was pretty crazy."

Flowers did manage to rack up a number of tackles from his safety position.

"I did pretty good," he said. "I had 10 tackles and I think one assisted tackle. Like I said, they didn't really throw at me much but I was still able to do some things on defense."

Meanwhile, BYU opened its season last Thursday.

"I spoke to Coach Howell the day before the game," Flowers said. "He told me to watch the game and that was the last time I talked to him."

He was able to catch BYU's decisive 30-6 home victory over WSU.

"I watched most of it but I didn't get a chance to finish watching the game," Flowers said. "I did see Jordan [Johnson] get that interception though, and I saw him cover a few receivers and make a few hits. He played good."

The Washington State game was Johnson's first start. He had the task of covering Washington State's most talented receiver in Marquess Wilson, who currently holds a few program records.

"I was going to call him that he should have scored that touchdown," Flowers said with a laugh. "I'm pretty good friends with him and that's who I was with when I went down there to visit BYU. He kind of showed me around a lot. When he got that pick, I was looking for him to score. I was cheering for him, so when he didn't score, I was kind of mad because he didn't.

"I was actually going to tell him on Facebook that he needs to run a little bit more so he doesn't get tired before reaching the end zone," said Flowers with a slight laugh. "I was going to tell him to run a little more at practice."

Hypothetically speaking, what would have happened if Flowers would have intercepted that pass?

"Man, I would have scored easily," Flowers said with a laugh. "I would have made it to the end zone and not gotten caught from behind. I say he's weak for not scoring, real weak. Nah, I've spoken to Jordan a few times since my visit and so we have a really good relationship."

Despite Johnson not taking it to the house, Flowers was impressed with the way BYU's defense handled the WSU offensive attack.

"BYU's defense, from what I've seen, were really flying around out there," Flowers said. "I feel like BYU's defense is what kept the team in there at first because the offense seemed a little nervous. They weren't really clicking at first. But then the defense really got going and that's when things started clicking for them. It was good to see the defense play that way.

"I always knew that Coach Mendenhall held his players to a high level, but to see how fast they were and how fanatical they were about doing their job was nice to see. I mean, recruiting-wise, I want to be a part of a defense like that."

And how is the recruiting situation going for Flowers?

"It's pretty much still that same since the last time I talked with you," he said. "I'm just focusing on my season right now trying to get my team right. Right now it's BYU, Kansas State, Boise State, Oklahoma State and Arizona State. Those are my top five."

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