Trammell impressed with BYU defense

BYU is in search of some top cornerbacks to come in and be a part of a top-rated defense under Coach Mendenhall. The staff has extended two offers to junior college cornerbacks, one of which is Trenton Trammell. Trammell watched BYU's defense dismantle the Washington State Cougars last week.

Last Saturday, City College of San Francisco defeated Diablo Valley College 48-41.

"The first game we played in went really well," Trammell said. "I got my first interception on the season in that first game. I also had a pass breakup in overtime that ended up winning the game. I did pretty good."

The Diablo Valley receiver that Trammell faced was 6-foot, 180-pound Andre Lewis, who has committed to Utah.

"I pretty much shut him down and he didn't get nothing on me," said Trammell.

Trammell claims scholarship offers from both BYU and Utah, and was able to watch BYU rise to victory over Washington State last week.

"Yeah, me and my brother both watched that game and they looked really good," Trammell said. "I really liked how they played and I liked how their corners played. They did really well and I like their fanbase too."

Trammell was impressed by how hard the defense played.

"I liked how physical BYU was against Washington State. That was really impressive to me," said Trammell. "I mean, everyone was physical, from the corners to the linebackers, and they were really hitting. I was really impressed by that."

"It was really good watching that defense play because I was thinking that could be me. It was definitely a positive on the defensive side, thinking I could possibly be playing with them. It got me really excited about playing."

One concern that Trammell – who considers himself to be a shutdown corner – had concerning BYU's defense was the lack of man-to-man coverage. However, he liked what he saw in the season opener.

"Their cornerback had an interception," Trammell said. "That was great to see how physical he was in coverage downfield. What I saw was that BYU plays what is called an off-man coverage, so they do play some man coverage with Jordan [Johnson] and they do play some zone. With Jordan, he was playing the field corner, so he played some man coverage. It was cool to see and I was watching it with my brother. They didn't run it all the time and they do mix it up a bit and it was nice."

Trammell broke down what he saw from BYU's secondary last week.

"I really like their field corner and [Johnson] is really good," said Trammell. "Then they brought in Joe [Sampson] and he plays really physical. He comes in at that nickel spot and they blitz him a lot. Then Preston Hadley, number seven, played on the short side. He's really physical too and I was really impressed with his play, and he gets a good jam on the receivers.

"I was really impressed with [Kyle Van Noy] and [Ezekiel Ansah]. I also thought [Uona Kaveninga], their middle linebacker, played very physical. They were really nice. I also thought [Daniel Sorensen] had a good game from the safety spot. You can tell they are players and are real nice."

The performance by BYU's defense alleviated some concerns he previously had.

"It definitely made me feel much better understanding how they play," said Trammell. "I can definitely see myself playing in that defense and traveling to play other teams."

Following BYU's victory, Trammell received a message from Coach Howell.

"We talked a little bit after the game," said Trammell. "We talked a little bit on Facebook. He asked me if I had seen the game and I told him that I did. He was telling me and complementing me on my game, telling me that every day is game day."

Trammell had even talked with one of BYU's players before the game.

"I texted Preston Hadley and I just said, ‘Good luck to you' and he said, ‘Yeah, I'm going to have a good game. Come watch us play, we're going to win.' He asked me if I had committed yet and all that. When I went up there, he showed me around and I hung out with him. We exchanged numbers and stuff, so I'm pretty cool with Preston."

BYU held WSU's run game to -5 rushing yards and only 229 passing yards. Trammell has done his research on BYU's defense, and the performance against Washington State confirmed what he's learned.

"Washington State had some athletic wide receivers too," said Trammell. "That's what was impressive was how well they covered against those athletic receivers in the spread. I've done my research on BYU and they've had a top defense for a couple of years now as far as being like a top-10 defense. As far as a team defense, BYU's defense is really good. I was really impressed."

Trammell hasn't committed to a school yet, but with a number of Cougar defensive backs all graduating after this season, there is an opportunity for him to come in a play early in BYU's swarm defense.

"The fact that BYU's schedule is more of a national base and not just a conference schedule is really cool," said Trammell. "I mean, it's cool to play in a conference, but I like how BYU plays everybody on national television. They'll go out and play a little bit of everybody."

The Cougars will face some top-quality opponents in future seasons, including Texas, Boise State, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Nebraska, to name a few.

"It's a dream of a lifetime and basically something I've been waiting for, you know, my whole life," said Trammell. "To really see how good I am, I need to play on the national stage and against some of the best teams and best receivers. I mean, that's basically my reward for all the hard work I've been doing. That's all I've been asking for."

With many of his concerns having been erased, and realizing the many great and unique opportunities that come with playing at BYU, Trammell's interest in BYU has become energized.

"I'm looking at BYU heavily and I'm supposed to take my official visit the week when they play Utah State I believe," said Trammell. "Yeah, I'm still looking at BYU pretty heavily. After watching that game it definitely opened my eyes and helped me to see the opportunity that I really have. I remember giving my list of colleges to my coaches. In the past I never put BYU on that list, but now looking at it I can really see myself playing there. I can see myself going there for the next two years. I'm really considering BYU when I take my official visit."

It won't be Trammell's first visit to BYU.

I already came out during the summer with my father to check out the campus, the area and to see the facilities and that stuff. You know, I really liked that and now want to come up and be wowed by a game."

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