Peck has memorable first game

Redshirt freshman Remington Peck had waited three years for the chance to step out onto a football field. His chance finally came against Pac-12 foe Washington State in front of a big crowd in a game televised on ESPN. His first play in three years would be a memorable one.

The Washington State game was the first of many. True freshman quarterback Taysom Hill threw his first touchdown on his very first college play. Defensively, redshirt freshman defensive tackle Remington Peck recorded his first sack on his first play.

"Yeah, my first play of my college career I get a sack," said Peck, who was all smiles. "It was cool though because they told me that I would be playing, so Coach Kaufusi told me to stay ready and stay loose. Once we got a good lead there at the end, Coach Kaufusi told me to stretch out and go in.

"I was kind of antsy, you know? Coach Kaufusi just told me, "Stay loose because you're going to go!' I was standing there on the sidelines doing my best to keep calm, feeling antsy and staying loose just waiting to go in. When he called my number I just thought, ‘Alright, here we go!' I just wanted to get after it."

Peck redshirted a year prior to serving a two-year LDS mission, so when he finally got his chance to go in, many years of waiting came to an end.

"I was excited to get after it, you know?" Peck said with a smile. "It had been three years since I had played in a game, so when my time finally came I was ready to get after it. It was fun. I just went in there, made a move and made a play."

When Washington State snapped the ball, Peck shot out from his left defensive end position quickly. He was able to get the edge against 6-foot-7-inch, 301-pound senior lineman Dan Spitz, who wasn't ready for Peck's speed off the edge.

"To be honest I was thinking, ‘Is this really happening?'" Peck said with a laugh. "You're on such a big stage, you just think you have to just make the most of this moment, so when I got around the offensive tackle I got really excited and just headed towards the quarterback as fast as I could. It all happened so fast, but after it happened I was just really excited I made a play for the team. It's a great way to start off your career. It's just crazy and I never thought that my first play would be a sack. It's kind of cool."

Despite his two-year layoff, he says he feels just as physically capable as he did prior to when he left.

"I've been home about four months, and, to be honest, I never thought I would be feeling this well," said Peck. "At the beginning when I first got home from my mission my legs where nowhere near where they needed to be. I don't know, I've just been really lucky or blessed to get my legs back and my lifts back quickly working with Coach Omer. I've been able to pretty much get everything back quickly, so right now I feel really good."

Prior to leaving on his mission, Peck played outside linebacker. Despite switching to defensive end, he said he feels he has more speed than he did before.

"To be honest with you, I don't know why that is. But I'm faster now than I was before I left on my mission. I don't know if it's just because the Lord has blessed me or what, but, yeah, all my times in the forty are a lot faster now than before my mission."

Weber State is up next for the Cougars of BYU. Peck feels he might get some playing time in that game on Saturday.

"I think I'll be able to play," he said. "I just got punched in the kidney and maybe even broke or cracked a rib. They're going to go x-ray it. They said that even if I broke a rib I'll be able to play. They held me out of the team sessions [on Tuesday].

"I'm hoping that I'll get to go against Weber State and want to play regardless. You know, what impressed me a lot about last week's game was the overall effort our team made. You can just tell our defense played with passion and excitement. I want to be a part of that again this weekend if I can."

In the meantime, he's working to heal up.

"They're going to x-ray me and then wrap me up," Peck said. "I guess there is a way in which they can wrap you up and hold everything intact – if it is broken – and keep things from moving around. If it's not broken, then it's probably just some cartilage that separated between the ribs or something."

Regardless of whether he gets to play on Saturday, he should see playing time throughout the season.

"I for sure feel like I can play and that's what the coaches have told me," said Peck. "They told me that they were going to use me this year and I've been running with the twos since fall camp, so when those guys need a rest I plan on going in and playing. I play left d-end behind Eathyn [Manumaleuna] and will go in when he's out."

Peck feels the Weber State game will be a chance for him – if he is able to go – and many of the younger players on the team to get some valuable experience.

"I think this is a game that will allow a lot of depth to be played to see what we can do. I mean, we can't take it easy because we all know what's coming after this week."

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