Scott Collie chat transcript 9/6/12

Scott Collie spent time on Thursday in the Total Blue Sports chat room again, fielding questions from subscribers. Here is the transcript from the chat.

[jeddparkinson] First question came from the board: I know it's only been one game, but do you see a difference in the receivers under Cahoon this year? They seem to be more focused and catch anything close to them.
[ReceiverTech] I can't comment entirely on that, but I can say they played with a level of intensity and I also think that the depth has an impact on the quality of the play because everybody wants their just due. If you're dropping balls you're not going to get it. When I was playing there were four guys fighting for playing time. If you didn't grade out during the week, you didn't play, so everybody had to focus.

[jeddparkinson] Next question (via email): Does it look like Dylan will redshirt or has that been decided?
[ReceiverTech] Right now they're saying it's being left open, but if I were a betting man I'd say they're going to redshirt him.

[jeddparkinson] Question (from email): Were you surprised by the play of Skyler Ridley?
[ReceiverTech] Not surprised because to get on the field for BYU you've got to be able to catch the ball. Surprised only because I remember him from when Austin was there if I'm not mistaken and that's what Austin said as well. And he was a stud too, that Skyler Ridley.

[ReceiverTech] Sorry guys I had a lot of concussions and It is difficult for me to differentiate between pacific and mtn time. thx jedd.
[jeddparkinson] haha. Speaking of concussions, have you talked to Jim McMahon about his health? It sounds like he has some significant problems with memory loss.
[ReceiverTech] I have not since he assisted with the reference for our coaching methods inside receivertech. We did discuss a bit. Particularly since he reminds me of the one I caused.

[jeddparkinson] I'm sure you've been asked about this a lot already, including the interview you did with CBS Sports, but how is Austin doing after the latest concussion?
[ReceiverTech] He was ok'd to practice this week, he had a solid week of practice, not sure right now he is a game time decision.

[RayCox] Scott, if you were to compare Dylan's game to Zac and Austin, how would you compare them?
[ReceiverTech] Combination of both.
[RayCox] Does he do anything better than them? (we used to love hearing Grandpa Collie in here when Dylan was in 8th grade. He was a proud grandpa)
[ReceiverTech] Dylan at his age is far more technical than both. Zac blue collar reliable. Oz was Oz.
[RayCox] If Dylan turns out as good as Zac I will be thrilled. I thought Zac was underused personally. He was open a lot.
[ReceiverTech] Nice of you. They play faster than a stop watch, but that is because of the precise route running.
[RayCox] Austin is a standard that I don't hold anyone to.
[jeddparkinson] Side note: Grandpa Collie was planning to log in tonight but is having technical issues w/ Java on his PC. We will have him here next time I hope.

[RayCox] I saw Austin in his very first practice at BYU as a true freshman, and he stood out very much that first day. I was standing with another guy and we said that kid will be a star. Austin runs different than almost anyone I've seen. I think he moves like a deer (covers a ton of ground sort of effortlessly and smoothly)
[ReceiverTech] I think Dylan had the same mental prep. I believe the fact that in the first scrimmage, first time in stadium, first play Riley hits him with 7 yd pass for a completion. Different mindset than me. I remember being a freshman and standing on the sideline saying I can't wait to go in and deep down I was saying I hope I don't go in. Scared to death is what I was. Austin has a vision of the field that many don't see

[jeddparkinson] Next question: Inoke Lotulelei recently changed his commitment from UCLA to BYU after getting the offer from BYU. Have you seen him in person?
[ReceiverTech] Oh I have seen him. Impressive. I saw him at the Jr day. Ben was very high on him.

[jeddparkinson] Next subscriber question: There were many great players at BYU when you played - who was the best pure athlete on those teams?
[ReceiverTech] Kirk Pendleton, Jim McMahon, Steve Young. There were a lot.

[RayCox] I know Apo has been good, but IMO, he hasn't been great yet, which honestly I expected him to be better already. My question to you, what do you think Apo's ceiling is?
[ReceiverTech] He can blow the ceiling off. If I remember right last year he got dinged up took a couple shots to the head going across the middle and then his shoulder injury. He has been competitive with all that going on. So he will continue to get better.

[BYUTexan] Apo needs to add muscle
[ReceiverTech] What makes you say that Texan
[BYUTexan] He looked tentative going over the middle and looked fragile. Bulking up would allow him to take the hits better and help him gain confidence.
[BYUTexan] I'd like to see him take a power lifting approach to his weight lifting to add the necessary bulk.
[ReceiverTech] I think he is plenty big. He is not scared going over the middle.

[jeddparkinson] Next question: During your last chat it was announced that Max Hall was coming back as a student assistant. Your thoughts on what Max will add working with our QBs.
[ReceiverTech] I think he will offer more to the mental part rather than anything mechanically

[jeddparkinson] Max is probably the most competitive guy I've ever met. I've heard the same about Austin. You know them both - which one is the most competitive?
[ReceiverTech] I believe they both love to compete equally. They compete on who will eat dinner faster. Athlete has to believe. One of Austin's first interviews at BYU he announced his list of goals publicly. Zac told him to ease back on the vocal discourse.

[RayCox] I remember meeting Max hall at the preseason meet the team thing the year he redshirted. When he introduced himself, he said "hi I'm Max Hall starting QB next year"
[RayCox] later when he meet my kids he said the same thing.
[jeddparkinson] LOL - typical Max. He was the same when I first met him as a high school sr.

[jeddparkinson] Next subscriber question: I understand Dylan is roommates with Jamaal Williams. How high is his upside? How did the friendship between the two begin?
[ReceiverTech] D and Jamaal got to know each other thru the recruiting process. D having experience and Jamaal a bit younger D was able to offer all the views of the school. Jamaal, we will be reading about him in the NFL. I hope I didn't just jinx him. He is one bad dude.
[RayCox] Sweet to hear about Jamaal. BYU + RB = NFL not a common equation

[RayCox] Scott, who do you think has higher upside out of Apo and Hoffman?
[ReceiverTech] I believe in the development process right now Cody's playing maturity shows through. I believe each one can be a super star. Did I get out of that one cleanly

[BYUTexan] Think we see Dylan moved over to slot to become the possession/sure hands guy?
[ReceiverTech] I am not sure where they will end playing D. We have a couple years. I like moving the receivers in and out to create the mismatches.

[BYUTexan] Personally, I don't like the way the coaches utilize Apo. I think they need to treat him as the deep threat like they treated Austin.
[ReceiverTech] Texan we were getting along so well.
[ReceiverTech] A deep threat. Hmmm how many balls does a team connect on during a game. maybe 1 or 2. Go deep to catch them off guard, but to say he is just the deep guy, you waste him
[BYUTexan] I don't understand why they can't send both Apo and Hoffman deep, use them both as deep threats at the same time and stretch out defenses?
[ReceiverTech] They did. The odds for that deep ball is low. You have to have it and you hope you have the receivers that can set up the deep ball to improve the odds. You love home run derby don't you?
[BYUTexan] Haha, I do. Don't a lot of other programs around the country take more than 2 deep shots down field with their "athletes?"
[ReceiverTech] You got to take what the defense gives you.

[jeddparkinson] I know he plays defense, but what do you think of Ziggy Ansah. He was very raw when he first started playing and is still very new to the sport. Can he play in the NFL? Will his size/speed/pro day numbers get him a shot regardless?
[ReceiverTech] Dylan is impressed with him and describes him as a beast. Think about the physical dominance along with speed and then the inexperience with the sport. He will be a piece of clay.

[RayCox] So Scott, I can't let you off that easily. Who will end up with the better BYU career, Apo or Hoffman?
[ReceiverTech] I really can't answer that . I have no idea who will end up better. I can remember 2 WR's that are no longer here that were going to make people forget about Austin You just don't know.

[jeddparkinson] Taysom Hill: Dylan has also seen Hill up close. Physically he looks like Luke Staley. The 4th down play only added to the hype. Are the players as hyped about his potential as the fans and media?
[ReceiverTech] Yes they see exactly what Taysom can be.

[BYUTexan] I have had an offensive idea recently (no pun intended). Why not develop an offense around Tight Ends and go with 4 TE sents?
[ReceiverTech] 4 TE sets. There are a lot of TE in the NFL that could make that idea very successful. BYU is deep at TE maybe you will see that some time.
[ReceiverTech] Taysonm and all the TE. Beefy.
[BYUTexan] _0,2TE is probably the only position that we can recruit to keep up with the College Football Arms race, we can bring in elite TEs, but what other positions do we bring in elite talent consistently? So why not make that the focus of your offense? Yeah, I played for a little known TE named Jason Novacek in high school.

[BYUTexan] I wish sometimes that Doman would develop an Urban Mayer (04), Crowton (01) instinct and attack defenses when we are up
[ReceiverTech] Coach Doman is solid. Crowton was an idiot
[BYUTexan] My only concern about Doman as a play caller was that he was mainly an option quarterback, calling a different type of offense.
[ReceiverTech] Texan why do I get the idea you are sitting at home throwing crap on the wall waiting for someone to gnaw on it thinking it's fudge.
[BYUTexan] I'm not. Just expressing my opinions.
[ReceiverTech] The Texas Tech coach that everyone wanted to be like never even played college FB. He was a pirate.
[BYUTexan] Wait, wasn't Doman an option quarterback? spread option exactly.
[ReceiverTech] I love your opinions that is what makes this fun. Keep them coming I just can't respond sometimes to them.
[BYUTexan] Personally, I think Doman is a good offensive coach, not a great one, but a good one.

[RayCox] Is Zac having some more future BYU WRs yet?
[ReceiverTech] Oh my he has 3 girls that could possibly star in the lingerie league
[RayCox] lol
[BYUTexan] haha
[RayCox] Austin doesn't have a son does he?
[jeddparkinson] Yes, Austin does (Nash)

[BYUTexan] I remember meeting Austin when he first came to BYU, when I was still a student there. He was pretty humble, approachable and down to earth.
[ReceiverTech] i appreciate you saying that. I think he is stand up guy, If I wasn't his dad I could hang with him. If he would let me.
[BYUTexan] Then after the first game or two, a totally different demeanor, lol. It was pretty entertaining to see the kid get cocky, I would have too! haha
[ReceiverTech] Getting cocky. my gosh.

[RayCox] Austin and Dennis Pitta came to St George one time (jr year maybe) they were great guys. And austin had been a star for a long time by then.
[BYUTexan] No, they are great guys, it was just a new sense of swagger that he had in conversations.
[RayCox] We had a parade of home property, and they were very cool there.
[BYUTexan] Dennis is a great guy. Very outgoing and friendly.
[ReceiverTech] Dennis is a great guy

[jeddparkinson] Your 3 sons were/are BYU WRs. Your oldest daughter was on scholarship for golf. Is the youngest one also an athlete?
[ReceiverTech] She is the best of all. No kidding. And an attitude. Loves to compete and excels in crunch time.
[jeddparkinson] Nice. What sport(s) does she play?
[BYUTexan] Golf. Her name is Taylor right?
[ReceiverTech] My oldest was the golfer, this one is Cameryn 13 years old Volley ball player.
[jeddparkinson] That works. BYU has a volleyball team.
[BYUTexan] That's it, I'm going to marry me a woman of Polish decent (for the athletic genes) who happens to be very fertile, I'll bring in the next family of Cougar studs :)

[jeddparkinson] OK Scott, entertaining and educational as always. Thanks for joining us once again.
[RayCox] Have a good night.
[ReceiverTech] my pleasure. Can't wait for next time. Texan get it loaded up.
[ReceiverTech] Night All.

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