BYU gets California cornerback commit

Just two days before BYU is to face rival Utah, the coaches of BYU got an early victory. Santa Ana College cornerback Davion Orphey called up Coach Howell this morning and committed to BYU over the rival Utes.

Davion Orphey was being recruited by USC as a running back coming out of Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California. Because he didn't qualify academically, he found himself playing junior college football as a cornerback. On Thursday, the 6-foot-1-inch, 185-pound Orphey committed to BYU.

"I committed to BYU this morning and just thought it was the right time to do so," said Orphey, who will have three years to play two. "It's obviously early and I could probably get more schools looking at me, but I felt like BYU is the right place for me. I just felt like the environment was a good fit for me. I just felt like I needed to go ahead and commit now and get it over with."

Orphey likes the standards found at BYU.

"I just need a place where I can focus at," Orphey said. "A lot of colleges are places where people party all night and party all day and I just wanted a good atmosphere. It was about feeling comfortable and BYU isn't about that, and so it's a good place for me to fit in and keep my head focused. BYU is a place where I can stay straight and get to the league."

So with his mind made up, Orphey placed a phone call to Coach Howell to give him the news.

"I called up Coach Howell and he put Coach Mendenhall on the phone," said Orphey. "They were fired up and said they couldn't wait for me to come down and be a part of their program. It was a great conversation I had with them. They were really excited and said that I'll come in and play at the cornerback position. They were fired up."

Orphey claimed that Utah offered him a scholarship. He was supposed to come out and visit Utah in October, but decided it wasn't necessary since he's committing to BYU.

So, the next question is, "Who is going to win this weekend?"

"You know, both schools are looking at me and BYU is looking unstoppable right now," Orphey said. "Utah is coming off a tough loss to Utah State and I'm ready to watch it. I know BYU is going to come out with a win."

After this season, BYU will graduate five senior defensive backs. Jordan Johnson, who was Orphey's host when he took his official visit to BYU, will play the field corner position. Orphey will come in and compete for the starting spot at the boundary side.

"BYU's defense is just physical and I'm a physical player myself," Orphey said. "I can see myself coming in and playing on the opposite side of Jordan and just making plays. We'll be unstoppable. Everyone flies around in the defense, and so I feel I can come and just fit right in and bring some flavor to it."

Excited about the future of BYU football, Orphey can't wait to face teams such as Texas, Notre Dame, Wisconsin and others.

"I'm ready, man. I'm ready," he said. "I can't wait for those days when we face those teams. We're going to ball out and keep that defense tough. I'm ready to come in and be a part of that defense and just be physical and show teams what we can do."

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