Apo plans on being more involved

After virtually disappearing from the offense during the Utah game, receiver Ross Apo hopes to reappear on the Cougar offensive radar when BYU faces Boise State this Thursday. With a short week to prepare, the Cougars have a short time to prepare and correct the many issues that came to light last week.

After a tough loss last Saturday, the players were told to put everything in the past and look forward. The players took it to heart, and on Monday there seemed to be no hangover from the loss. At least that was the impression judging by the body language of the players coming out of practice.

"Coach told us that the game last week is done and over already," said Ross Apo. "We can't let that carry over with us to next week, and I think our first practice back was a good practice. There was a good focus and Riley looked good throwing the ball. Everybody got touches, and so hopefully that carries over into the game."

The preparation prior to the Utah game included a lot of passing distribution to the wide receivers. BYU's receivers were getting open. Hoffman had a great game against Utah with eight receptions for 120 yards, but the rest of the receivers were hardly involved.

"Yeah, we put in a lot of stuff for Riley to throw, but unfortunately he was running around a lot back there," said Apo. "You know, whatever was the easiest pass to make and complete, we'll take it. That's all that really happened."

Being the z-receiver, Apo can further stretch the field and place stress in the second layer of defenses. However, that needs time, and that was a luxury Nelson simply didn't have.

"The play-calling was fine and we were all getting open downfield," said Apo. "It just makes it tough because when our quarterback is running for his life, we don't expect him to do anything spectacular to win games. There's only so much time back there and we know that."

If BYU's offense is going to attack tough defenses, it can't be one-dimensional, nor can there be only one offensive weapon. Apo mentioned that he would be more involved in the game against the Broncos, but he'll just need more time.

"I understand it's a hard position and I would never want to play quarterback," said Apo. "If he is going to drop back and scan the field to make the pass, we just have to give him the confidence to know he has two great guys on the outside. Then on top of that he has J.D. [Falsev] and Kane [Friel] on the inside to make plays. If we can get him the time, then more players will be involved in the offense. I think what we'll see for the Boise State game is more of us being more involved, including myself."

With little time to prepare for Boise State, the Cougars have a lot of cleaning up to do.

"Yeah, we have to get our iPads uploaded and we're going to have to watch film on our own at nighttime or wake up earlier. We're going to have to do things on our own. We can't just let the coaches do it for us."

So in a short week, the Cougars will get ready to face another tough opponent. They'll have to clean up a lot of mistakes and should have a lot of film in order to do so as the offense gets set to take on the Broncos of Boise State.

"A lot of our problems came through dumb penalties that put us back in a hole," said Apo. "We can't have a similar week this week like we did last week. We have to allow Riley to get us the ball and he can because we're open. Boise State's DBs are a lot like Washington State. They're little fast guys that play aggressive, and we had some success against DBs like that. So, we'll get into all the film before the game and get a good look at them. We have to get more of the offense involved and I think we will."

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