Shumway's thoughts on Cougar struggles

The Cougars have lost their two last games in close, hard-fought battles that were decided by a few plays. Lone Peak's Talon Shumway watched both games and feels that the team will get on the right track.

BYU lost on Thursday by one point to Boise State, a team that hasn't lost at home very much. While BYU's defense absolutely dominated on the field, the Cougar offense stumbled. So what does BYU's offense need to do to right the ship?

"I don't really know, and this is my own opinion, but I don't really see anything that's not fixable," Talon Shumway said. "I think they're still working things out. I'm not really disappointed with anything that's been going on. I honestly think they'll start playing better."

A week prior, BYU lost a close game to Utah.

"I'm disappointed whenever they lose any game, but because it was a game where I felt they should have won and it was against Utah, [that] made it worse," he said. "Utah seems to use things like that for ammo for everything. I don't know, I think BYU should have won that game. I don't get mad or anything like that and it's kind of like, ‘That sucks.' But they should have won."

Utah had also offered Shumway a scholarship. With BYU having lost that tough battle at Rice Eccles Stadium, has the Utah program reentered the recruiting game for his services?

"No, they haven't talked to me in a while," said Shumway. "I haven't talked to them in months and think they just let me go."

And what about BYU's coaching staff?

"Oh yeah, I talk to them all the time," said Shumway. "We talk about things and I've been to all the home games. I've been around a lot. When I talk to the coaches we don't really talk about the losses and what's really going on right now.

"I'm more a part of the future team and won't see the field until 2016, but I let them know that I'm always excited to get there. I'm not disappointed and second-guessing anything. Nothing has changed with my decision and everything is still the same with me. I want to be at BYU."

The 2016 season seems like a long time from now, and while he is going to BYU to play football, Shumway's decision to commit there wasn't just based on football.

"I'm always happy with my decision," he said. "I know that no matter what happens, I'll still get more out of my college experience and education there than at other places. I know the offense is struggling now but I really think we're going to be really successful by the time I get there. I think everything is going to work out fine."

What made the loss to the Broncos tough for Shumway was that he was watching and cheering his Cougars on among friends of a different loyalty.

"I was just watching it with all my friends," he said. "They were giving me some grief about it. Some were Utah fans and some were just indifferent. I don't know, I just laughed it off, you know. It doesn't affect me negatively and I just love watching BYU play."

So what does BYU need to do to get back on track? Shumway feels that although BYU's offense has struggled these past two games, it will get figured out.

"I don't know, it's not really for me to say other than I believe they'll pull through it," Shumway said. "That's just the kind of team they are and the kind of players they have. Being around the players and the coaches, I know they'll figure out what needs to be figured out to be successful."

While the Cougar offense looks to get it going, Shumway also struggled a bit to start the season. He does, however, feel that he is having a pretty good season.

"We hit a couple of bumps but I think right now I'm doing pretty good. I've been staying healthy, but I do think I can play better," Shumway said. "I'm just trying to improve right now, but, yeah, I think I've had a pretty good season so far."

Talon Shumway and his Lone Peak Knights face American Fork High School Friday night.

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